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Top low deposit betting sites | best cheap bookmakers with minimum deposit

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    Betting expert Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-04-10

    Best low deposit betting sites

    The popularity of online betting keeps going up, and that trend will continue. Betting enthusiasts love placing wagers online because it’s a simpler and more convenient option than visiting the bookmaker. This way, you visit the site you want, login, and start placing bets. The best part is that many excellent low deposit betting sites allow you to wager on a budget today. You don’t have to add lots of money to your account. Instead, you can start the journey with an amount as low as a single dollar. How cool is that?

    However, not all sites that offer low deposits are the ones worth your attention. Here, we are going to explore the best low deposit betting sites that offer a lot in various aspects. While the low deposit is the first thing that makes them unique, there are others as well, such as generous bonuses, a variety of payment methods, an outstanding choice of sports and events to bet on, and more. We’ll explore the benefits of choosing the best low deposit betting sites over others.

    Once you enter the world of minimum deposit betting sites, you’ll figure that betting doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can bet on your favorite sports and events with a min deposit. The quality of betting is unquestionable because the selection of sports bet types and odds remains at the highest level. The fact that the provider offers a low deposit option doesn’t compromise on quality — the opposite. You can count on a fantastic experience all the way!

    Online bookies with the lowest minimum deposit

    The number of new bookies online offering the lowest minimum deposit is pretty impressive. Many betting fans often end up surprised when they see the selection of sites where they can fund their account with just a dollar or five and get the chance to place bets for real money. You are getting the chance to win the cash even though you are spending just a bit of money.

    Top 21 best online bookies that offer a super low min deposit:

    These fantastic providers offer a great opportunity to everyone who wants to bet on a budget. In most cases, the minimum deposits range between 1 and 8 AUD which is more than affordable. To try your luck, all you have to do is select one of the reputable providers, register, make a deposit to the account, and start betting on sports and events you love.

    BookiePayment methodMinimum deposit
    BambetBank card20 AUD
    JooSportsBank card20 AUD
    BitstarzBank card20 AUD
    National CasinoBank card15 AUD
    Casino ChanBank card25 AUD
    NedsBank card / PayPal5 AUD
    PicklebetBank card15 AUD
    SportsbetBank card / PayPal10 AUD
    ElitebetBank card15 AUD
    BetstarBank card / PayPal10 AUD card / PayPal5 AUD
    DraftstarsBank card1 AUD
    Blue BetBank card / PayPal10 AUD
    WinnersbetBank card5 AUD
    PalmerbetBank card / PayPal10 AUD
    Real BookieBank card10 AUD
    TABBank card / PayPal1 AUD
    PointsBetBank card10 AUD
    RichprizeBank card25 AUD
    BetfairBank card / PayPal15 AUD

    How to find the best low deposit betting sites

    These days, the number of sports betting sites keeps increasing. betting on various sports events is fun, and having the option to do just that on a budget makes everything even better. But, how to recognize which site is worthy of your attention, time, and money?

    Not all Australian betting websites offer the same value. With that said, you need to take some time to browse the options ahead of you. Then, you can make the best decision and choose the provider that will deliver quality above everything else.

    There are several things you should consider when browsing low deposit betting sites. These things will discover whether the provider offers quality, security, and thrill, or it’s the option you should avoid. Here are the points to look into:

    • License – The first thing you should take into account is the license. In the betting and gambling world, the license represents a strict requirement. If the provider doesn’t have one, it’s clear that it’s not working legally. That said, registering an account on such a website would be ridiculous. You can expect nothing but problems, especially when it comes to withdrawals. Remember that all trustworthy sports betting sites obtain a license and operate legally.
    • Banking solutions – When you want to join one of the low deposit betting sites and start betting on a budget, check out the banking solutions. As mentioned, some providers have an in-store option for deposits and withdrawals. But what if the operator’s store isn’t nearby? You need to ensure it supports the banking option that suits you. The best ones for minimum deposits are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PaySafeCard, and digital wallets such as Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller, to name a few.
    • The selection of sports – The next thing to consider is the choice of sports you can bet on. Focus on providers covering various markets and all sports, especially the events you love the most. Let’s say you prefer betting on cricket or soccer. You want to see all the major leagues and events in the sports section. If you aren’t impressed with what you see, keep looking, and you’ll find a provider that has everything you desire.
    • Odds – In the betting world, everything revolves around odds. So, before choosing one of the low deposit betting sites, check out the odds for your favorite sports. Some providers have better odds for specific sports and events than others. Invest some time and effort until you find the perfect option. Once you do, expect higher payouts each time you have the winning bet.
    • Bonuses and promotions – Punters love generous bonuses and exciting promotions that keep the fun going. If you are new to a site, getting a welcome bonus in the form of free bets is always excellent. When you become a regular player, enhanced odds will help you increase your winning amounts. Plus, some providers have special promotions and deals for both new and regular players. Choose the one that offers the best!
    • Customer support – Choosing the betting site must be taken seriously. Not every provider focuses on the customers' satisfaction in the same amount. Ensure to choose the brand that has excellent customer service. A live chat option is a must these days. It's the easiest way to contact the representatives. Additional methods such as email, phone, or social networks should also be available. Excellent customer service can help you any time you stumble into some problem with your account or anything else.
    • Betting Features – It’s worth checking out the features the website has. Does it offer live betting and live streaming? Is there a cash-out option that allows you to settle your wager before the sports event ends? Consider these things before making the final decision. Not all providers offer these betting features, especially the cash-out.
    • Reviews – Before you give your attention to the specific website, check out the reviews left by those who have already tried out the provider's betting service. If you see too many negative reviews, it's clear the website isn't worth the time. On the other hand, if you see the positive ones, that's a green light. Go ahead, register, and start placing wagers!

    The entire list may seem like a lot, but those are just several things to look into. If you do that, you’ll easily find the provider that will become a dream come true. You will bet in a safe and secure environment. The selection of sports will be on point, and so will the odds and everything else. You’ll get a lot more if you put a little effort into it! Betting on a budget will become even better.

    Low deposit betting bonuses

    Low deposit betting sites have many surprises in store, including generous bonuses. Even though you’re about to add a tiny deposit to your account, that doesn’t mean you’ll be left without a prize. The online bookmakers offer the bonuses that will take your betting journey to a whole new level.

    Bookies use bonuses to attract new customers and keep the regular ones, so they usually provide various rewards. Some are designed for new bettors, and others are for those already signed up.

    In the betting world, you may find several bonus types. The offer varies from one brand to another. Before registering an account, ensure the provider offers what you are looking for. You can find the information on the Bonus or Promotions page on the bookie’s site.

    • WELCOME BONUS On most low deposit betting sites, players are greeted with FREE BETS as a welcome bonus. The bookie will reward you with several bets when making a deposit to your account. Keep in mind that you need to spend the free bets in a matter of days. For that reason, always read the terms and conditions to learn more about the bonus, its expiry date, and more.
    • NO DEPOSIT BONUSES Some providers offer no deposit bonuses. Here, you may get a free bet, but there’s no need to add the money to your account. All you need to do is register, and the bookmaker will give you the bonus.
    • ENHANCED ODDS Another great way to increase your winning chances when betting on low deposit betting sites is by using enhanced odds. They can open fantastic opportunities to get a bigger payout on winning bets. When there’s a sports event you would like to bet on, these odds allow you to get the best out of the bet if it turns out to be a winning one. They are always worth it. Plus, the number of these offers is fantastic, and you can find them on the majority of top low deposit betting sites. The bookies provide enhanced odds and give amazing deals to cover not one but a variety of sports, from tennis and soccer to rugby and cricket.

    As you can see, operators have some pretty cool deals and promotions. It’s essential to check out what each provider has in store and then pick the one that has what you want. If you see the opportunity to gain more and win more cash, make sure to use it!

    How to claim the bonus at low deposit betting sites?

    Claiming the bonus at a low deposit betting site is quite simple. All you need to do is follow several simple steps, and the prize will be yours:

    1. Choose the site
    2. Check out the bonus details and terms and conditions on the Promotions page
    3. Sign up by completing the registration process
    4. If the bookmaker offers a no deposit bonus, you’ll be rewarded right after completing the registration process
    5. If the bookmaker offers free bets, they’ll be automatically credited to your account when you make a deposit

    That’s it! As you can see, claiming the bonus is beyond simple. The steps are the same no matter which bookmaker you choose.

    Best payment types for small deposits

    When checking out low deposit betting sites, one of the things you need to pay attention to is the available payment solutions. Register an account only when you make sure the betting site supports your preferred method. If not, move on to find the provider that offers the option that works for you.

    When it comes to low deposit betting sites, you might think that these don’t offer various banking solutions. But the reality is entirely different. Many will agree that these bookmakers actually have the best selection of banking methods and that every player can easily find the suitable one.

    Logically, some options aren’t available for low deposits. That goes for bank transfers, for example. If you want to add a dollar or five dollars to your account, using a bank transfer would be ridiculous because the service may cost more than the min deposit. The best options are described below.

    Payment methods for betting sites with low deposit

    Betting sites that offer low deposit options support many fantastic payment solutions. As explained, some aren’t the smartest option when you want to add a dollar, such as a bank transfer, because the fees are often much higher than the deposit itself. However, various other options are picture-perfect for betting on a budget.

    • Debit and credit cards – Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro are still among the most popular banking solutions. Making deposits and withdrawals with this option is easy. Plus, there are no fees. These brands are safe and secure. The minimum amount you can add to your account using debit and credit cards is usually set to AUD 10 or AUD 5, depending on the website. So, if you want to experience affordable betting, you can make minimum deposits using Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro.
    • E-wallets – Digital wallets have taken the world by storm. They are so easy to use, but most importantly, they represent one of the safest and fastest payment solutions. Some of the top choices in this section are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, and MuchBetter, to name a few. There are no transaction fees, and the deposit limit is usually AUD 5.
    • PaySafeCard – The world of payment solutions is constantly changing and evolving. Now, not all the players want to use their e-wallets or cards to add funds to betting sites, and that’s fine. There’s a solution known as the PaySafeCard. You can buy the card in stores and add the deposit by entering the 16-digit PIN available on the card. The process is quite simple.
    • Adding the deposit in person (Cash In) – If you have selected the bookmaker that offers in-store deposits and it’s nearby, you can go there and add the deposit in person. The deposit limit is usually AUD 1. You’ll have to provide your personal ID to the cashier. In addition, you can withdraw the winnings in person as well.

    No matter which online banking options you decide to use, keep in mind that deposits are instant. The cash will be on your account in a few minutes. Withdrawals aren’t instant, and they take time. Some options are faster than others, but in most cases, you’ll wait up to 72 hours until the money reaches your account.

    Benefits of betting on low deposit betting sites

    Low betting sites have many amazing sides. Here are some of the benefits of betting on such sports betting sites.

    • Affordable betting experience – Let’s start with the obvious. Low deposit betting sites allow punters to step into the world of betting on a budget. In other words, you won’t have to spend lots of money to be a part of it. For the small amount of several dollars, you’ll add the min deposit. Once you do, you can start placing wagers.
    • The chance to explore the site – Another advantage of minimum deposit betting sites is that you can explore the provider and its entire offer without spending a lot. For the amount of AUD5, you’ll get to bet on various sports events and see whether the provider meets your requirements or not.
    • Keeping the spending in check – When you choose the betting sites that offer minimum deposits, you can easily keep your spending in check. At the same time, you have the chance to experience the thrill of sports betting to the fullest. In addition, the amounts you can win aren’t small either, especially if you pick an operator that offers the highest odds for the sports you prefer.

    Pros and cons of low deposit betting sites

    Low deposit betting sites come with many advantages, but they also have some drawbacks. Let’s look into both a bit deeper.

    • The chance to bet on a budget
    • No-risk betting
    • Payouts can be pretty big
    • Not all banking solutions are available
    • Some bonuses aren’t the option, such as the match deposit bonus.


    Low deposit betting sites are the best possible option for all the punters that want to gamble on the budget. If you are new and want to try sports betting and try your luck, choosing one of these sites is a way to go. They offer many incredible things. In other words, being able to bet with smaller amounts of money doesn’t mean you’ll experience any shortcomings.

    These sites have an excellent selection of sports, types of bets, great odds, and more. When you deposit a smaller amount, you still can get a bonus. The players are treated the same way as high rollers, and that’s the best part of the story.

    These sites offer everyone a chance to try betting without risking their money. Many reputable bookmakers offer minimum deposits, so finding the one that will match your betting needs shouldn’t be a problem. When you make a deposit to your account, head over to the betting section, place bets, and have fun!


    ⓵ How to make a deposit and request withdrawals on low deposit betting sites?

    Adding a deposit or requesting a payout on a betting site is very simple. Both processes are similar. Even if you have never done any of this before, you’ll complete everything hassle-free. The steps are more or less the same on all sports betting sites.

    1. Go to the Cashier page
    2. Select Deposit or Withdrawal option
    3. Select the banking option that suits you best
    4. Now enter the amount of money you want to add or withdraw
    5. Confirm the action

    That’s it! If you made a deposit, wait for a minute or two, and they will reach your sports betting account. Depending on the selected method, the cash will arrive in a day or two if you request a payout.

    ⓶ Are low deposit betting sites mobile friendly?

    Betting on the go using a smartphone or tablet is super popular lately. Many punters prefer that method over the usual one that requires sitting at a desk and using a PC. It begs the question: are low deposit betting sites mobile-friendly and can you access them from your Android or iOS device? The answer is yes!

    All reputable sports betting sites are mobile-friendly. It means that you can access them from your mobile device using the mobile browser of your choice. When you visit the site, enter the login details, and start placing bets the usual way.

    Now, some providers also offer apps. If that’s the option, you can download the app for your device directly from the provider’s website or by visiting Google Play Store or App Store. Keep in mind that not all brands have apps, at least not yet.