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9 best PayID betting sites in Australia 🌹 Bookies accepting PayID

🎁 advantage Parimatch official Casino and Betting in Australia
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Leon Bets
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    Meet our author
    Betting expert Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-04-10

    List of Top Payid betting sites in Australia 2024

    1. Parimatch: Known for its wide array of betting markets covering popular sports to horse racing, and market-leading odds.
    2. Leon Bets: An Australian-owned bookmaker specializing in horse racing with extensive markets and competitive odds.
    3. PlayUP: Recognized as Australia's premier esports betting platform, offering unique markets in over 15 esports alongside traditional sports.
    4. Bambet: Known for generous promotions and accepting Apple Pay.
    5. JooSports: The biggest Australian betting site, offering a high standard of bookmaking.
    6. Mostbet: A new Australian bookmaker with excellent betting odds and quick withdrawal times.
    7. Megapari: Features a good betting app.
    8. BC Game: Covers over 30 sports including AFL, NRL, and cricket.
    9. RABONA: Provides betting options on over 25 sports, including cricket, MMA, basketball, Rugby, F1, and more.

    🔍 What is PayID?

    PayID is an innovative payment system widely used in Australia, especially by betting sites, for streamlining financial transactions. It allows users to link a unique identifier, such as an email address, phone number, or ABN number, to their bank account. This makes sending and receiving payments more straightforward and efficient, using memorable information rather than traditional bank account details.

    The system, which was launched in 2018 by OSKO and is part of Australia's national payments infrastructure, is gaining popularity in the online betting industry for its speed and security. PayID transactions are generally completed in under a minute, enhancing the convenience for users. When making a payment, users are shown the name associated with the PayID before finalizing the transaction, adding an extra layer of security.

    This payment method is supported by over 100 Australian banks and credit unions, making it accessible to a large number of users. PayID has become particularly appealing to Australian bettors, offering ease and safety in managing online betting transactions. It is increasingly being adopted by sports betting websites due to the convenience it provides to Australian gambling enthusiasts. Many betting sites are now registered with PayID, making deposits and withdrawals more convenient for their users. Additionally, users with PayID accounts may enjoy benefits such as free spins and welcome bonuses on various betting sites in Australia.

    📜 PayID company information

    PayID, introduced in 2018, facilitates access to the New Payments Platform Australia (NPP), a nationwide payment system. As the NPP's addressing service, PayID is integral to real-time payments in Australia. These fast transactions are enabled by Osko, a network operated by BPAY. Currently, PayID is utilized by about 40 Australian banks, allowing the use of personal identifiers for quicker transactions.

    ✅ Website:
    🌍 Countries:Australia
    🗓️ Launched in:2018
    🤴 Launched by:OSKO (operated by BPAY)
    ⏳ Transaction time:a minute
    🛡️ Supported by:100+ Australian banks and credit unions
    ✔️ Identifiers:email address, phone number, ABN number, Organisation Identifier

    PayID betting pros & cons

    Using PayID has both advantages and disadvantages. The main pros include its convenience and speed in completing transactions. However, like any payment method, it also has its drawbacks, which should be considered when using it.

    Benefits of using PayID for online betting

    • Speedy transactions: With PayID, making payments is fast and efficient, eliminating the need for long account numbers. Just link your email or phone number for quick transactions.
    • User-friendly interface: PayID is straightforward to use. Simply connect your email or phone number to your bank account for easy sending and receiving of payments.
    • No need for BSB or Account Numbers: PayID allows you to bypass the need to remember complex BSB and account numbers, using your email or phone number instead.
    • Always available: PayID operates 24/7, enabling you to conduct transactions anytime, whether day or night.
    • Reduced transaction errors: The use of familiar information like emails or phone numbers with PayID reduces the likelihood of mistakes commonly seen in traditional bank transfers.
    • Robust security measures: PayID prioritizes security alongside user convenience, employing encryption and authentication to safeguard your transactions.
    • Bank endorsement: PayID is supported and approved by various banks.
    • Cashless convenience: Facilitates smooth and cashless transactions.
    • Simplifies shared expenses: Ideal for splitting bills without hassle.
    • Unique security code: Each transaction is protected by a unique code for added security.
    • No additional fees: Using PayID does not incur extra charges.
    • Optimal for mobile transactions: Especially useful for mobile betting platforms.
    • Versatility: Offers flexibility in managing financial transactions.

    PayID cons

    • Geographic limitations: PayID operates on a country-by-country basis, which can be limiting for international transactions. Users may need to use alternative systems for dealing with global payments.
    • Security concerns: While PayID is generally secure, users should remain vigilant for potential security risks such as phishing scams or unauthorized access to their accounts.
    • Dependence on banks: PayID's functionality can be impacted by banking issues. If a bank experiences problems, it might affect how PayID works.
    • Privacy considerations: Utilizing PayID involves sharing personal information like email addresses or phone numbers. Users should be mindful of the details they are disclosing.
    • Potential bank fees: Although PayID itself doesn't charge fees, banks might impose their own. It's advisable to check with your bank for any applicable fees.
    • Difficulty with chargebacks: Reversing a transaction with PayID can be more complicated than with credit cards. Once a payment is made, retrieving the money can be a challenge.
    • Variable processing times: The time it takes to process transactions can vary depending on the bank.
    • No crypto transactions: PayID does not support cryptocurrency transactions.
    • Limited acceptance by bookmakers: Not all betting sites accept PayID as a payment method.
    • Bank participation required: Your bank needs to be a participant in the PayID system for you to use it.

    Recommended best Payid betting sites in Australia

    🏛️ Social betting siteMegapari
    📜 Multi bettingBambet
    🥇 Best betting siteParimatch
    🆕 NewPlayUP
    📺 Live streamingJooSports
    🔥 Enhanced oddsLeon Bets
    📌 Best overall bookieRABONA
    🏆 Best bonusesLeon Bets
    ⚽ Sports bettingParimatch
    🐴 Aussie horse racingMostbet
    📺 Best for Live bettingMostbet
    📞 Customer serviceBC Game
    📈 Highest payout bettingMegapari
    🎁 Welcome bonusesBambet
    📱 Top new betting mobile appJooSports
    🇦🇺 Aussie sport focusPlayUP

    How to sign up to PayID

    1. Confirm Bank Support for PayID: Start by verifying if your bank offers PayID services. This information is often available through a simple online search or by contacting your bank directly.
    2. Enable PayID via Online Banking: Access your internet banking account, proceed to the Settings area, and locate the PayID feature. Follow the instructions provided to associate PayID with your bank account.
    3. Utilize PayID for Financial Operations: With PayID activated, you can now employ it for both deposits and withdrawals at betting sites that accept this payment method, offering a safe and efficient means of handling your transactions.

    Depositing funds on betting sites using PayID: a step-by-step guide

    1. Selecting a Trustworthy Betting Site: Begin by choosing a reliable and regulated betting site that accepts PayID deposits.
    2. Account Setup or Login: For new users, create an account on the chosen site. Existing users should log in with their credentials.
    3. Accessing the Deposit Area: After logging in, go to the site's deposit section to start the funding process.
    4. Opting for PayID: In the list of deposit methods, select PayID as your preferred option.
    5. Determining Your Deposit: Decide on the amount you want to deposit, keeping in mind any minimum or maximum limits the site may have.
    6. Providing PayID Details: Enter your PayID information, usually your linked email or phone number.
    7. Transaction Verification: Check all the details of the transaction, including the deposit amount and your PayID info, for accuracy.
    8. Payment Authorisation: Confirm or authorize the payment, which may involve a verification step through email, SMS, or the site's interface.
    9. Awaiting Confirmation: Wait for a notification confirming the success of your PayID deposit.
    10. Ready to Bet: With the deposit complete, you're all set to explore and bet on the site.

    Additional steps for initial PayID setup:

    1. Acquiring PayID Info: Log in to your betting account to get its PayID details. Then, use your bank's app and choose 'Pay Someone', selecting the appropriate option based on whether the site uses a phone number or email for PayID.
    2. Selecting the Correct PayID Type: If the site uses an email, landline, ABN, or ACN for PayID, pick the right type from your banking app's options.
    3. Entering the Deposit Amount: Type in the amount you want to deposit and add a description within the 280-character limit.
    4. Finalizing the Payment: Review and confirm the deposit from your bank account. Transactions typically appear instantly but can take up to 24 hours for security verification.
    5. Speedier Future Transactions: Once you've deposited to a site with PayID, subsequent transactions are usually quicker.

    Remember to check if the betting site supports PayID and understand the wagering requirements for bonuses and withdrawals. PayID deposits are generally simple, quick, and do not require sharing bank details, making them a secure and private method for online betting in Australia.

    Minimum deposit limits for PayID

    The minimum deposit amount allowed through PayID or other payment methods may differ based on the betting site you choose. This variation is an important aspect to take into account while selecting a bookmaker.

    BookmakerPayID minimum deposit
    Parimatch5 AUD
    Leon Bets10 AUD
    PlayUP10 AUD
    Mostbet5 AUD
    Megapari10 AUD
    BC Game5 AUD

    Withdrawal process using PayID on betting sites

    Withdrawing your funds from Australian sports betting sites using PayID is a simple process.

    1. Access your betting account: Choose PayID as your withdrawal option, and specify the amount you wish to withdraw. Note that the initial withdrawal may take a day to process, but later withdrawals are generally faster.
    2. Set up your PayID: Ensure you have a PayID associated with Australian banks like CommBank, Westpac, or Bank of Australia. PayID can be registered using your email or phone number, without directly linking to your bank account.
    3. Withdraw at PayID-enabled sites: For sites that support PayID, you can receive your winnings directly via internet banking, often through the 'Pay Anyone' feature.
    4. Verify transaction completion: Keep an eye on your PayID transaction history to confirm the receipt of funds. Look out for the Osko logo in transactions, as it is a part of the PayID system.

    If you encounter any issues during the withdrawal process, it's advisable to reach out to the customer support of the betting site.

    Mobile betting with PayID: convenience on the go

    Embrace the convenience, speed, and security that PayID offers in mobile betting. Whether you're out and about or eagerly watching a game, these betting apps integrate PayID to elevate your betting experience. Top-tier betting apps streamline your access to bookmaker services on your smartphone, offering a superior experience compared to traditional laptop browsing. These user-friendly, efficient apps ensure a flawless betting journey, right from your mobile. Generally, smaller betting sites may not support PayID, so opting for larger, well-known providers is advisable.

    Australia's finest PayID betting apps in 2024: seamless mobile betting

    Leading PayID bookmakers feature outstanding betting apps, facilitating easy deposits and withdrawals. With these apps, manage your transactions seamlessly, anytime and anywhere. A high-quality betting app also enables you to track odds and place bets at the perfect moment. Explore below for the top betting apps compatible with PayID. Our preferred choices, including bet365, Betfair, and Palmerbet, boast remarkable apps. These apps allow the same deposit process as on desktop platforms, which is detailed later in this guide.

    PayID transaction costs

    PayID typically doesn't incur additional fees for transactions. This fee-free approach is a standard feature in the Australian banking system, facilitating swift payments. However, individual bank policies may differ regarding charges. While PayID itself is free of fees, associated bank charges may apply, so it's advisable to consult your bank for specific details. To understand any potential charges linked to using PayID, refer to your bank's terms and conditions. These documents provide the necessary information about fees related to PayID transactions. Bookmakers generally do not impose extra fees for using PayID. It is a cost-free option for transferring funds to your betting account. Unlike some payment methods that carry additional charges, PayID is not one of them. Ensure that PayID is set up with your bank, linking a unique identifier to your account. With this setup, you won't face any extra charges and can enjoy faster, more secure money transfers.

    Security and safety of using PayID

    Choosing PayID is a smart move for easy payments, but let's focus on safety, particularly for those new to it. Your PayID should be treated as confidential, so avoid sharing it in unsafe environments or with unknown individuals. Beware of phishing scams that may try to steal your personal information. Always be cautious of unexpected requests for your details.

    When using PayID, prefer reputable betting sites or apps. Ensure they are recognized and reliable.

    Secure your devices with the latest security features, including strong passwords and regular updates.

    Regularly check your bank statements for any unusual activity and immediately report any discrepancies to your bank.

    Each bank might have unique protective measures for PayID transactions. Consult your bank to understand their specific safeguards.

    Trust your gut; if something seems suspicious or too good to be true, it likely is. Always exercise common sense.

    In Australia, bettors prioritize secure payment methods. PayID stands out as it allows payments without sharing sensitive banking details. For bettors, especially beginners, it's crucial to check if their betting site supports PayID. An account with a PayID-supporting Australian bank is necessary. This system enables transactions using just an email or phone number, bypassing the need for traditional bank details. PayID also enhances security with two-factor authentication, often through SMS verification. While banks may have individual protocols, the core process remains the same. PayID's real-time fraud monitoring adds an extra layer of security, keeping your banking information private. Despite being relatively new compared to traditional methods, PayID is a trustworthy choice for funding betting accounts.

    Betting on sports and horse 🐴 racing using PayID

    Once you've chosen your bookmaker and funded your account with PayID, you're ready to delve into the available markets for sports and horse racing betting. Our top PayID betting sites offer extensive options for sports betting. Bet365 stands out with its vast selection of sports and detailed odds, complemented by an excellent app and live streaming. For fans of Australian sports and local events, Palmerbet is a prime choice, known for offering early futures, particularly for major Australian horse races. Betfair, as a betting exchange, provides a unique betting experience, allowing you to back and lay bets with other bettors, often resulting in better odds for certain events. It's also the sole option for live betting online. PayID deposits with leading Australian bookmakers are increasingly popular in 2024, with many of the top national and some international bookies supporting this method. This can be done through both computers and mobile devices. PayID is considered secure, backed by the New Payments Platform Australia (NPP), which significantly contributes to the development of real-time payments in Australia.

    📺 Live betting with PayID

    For live betting using PayID, Betfair stands out in Australia. Unlike other betting sites where in-play wagering requires a phone call to place bets, Betfair's betting exchange platform allows you to bet against other punters online. This unique feature bypasses certain regulatory restrictions, enabling online wagering with live odds. Betfair's acceptance of PayID as a deposit method further enhances its appeal as a top live betting site in Australia.

    PayID 🎮 Esports betting sites in 2024

    In the Australian esports betting scene, PayID is a widely accepted payment method among leading online bookmakers. It provides a seamless way to deposit funds into your esports betting accounts. While there may be no specific signup offers for PayID users at esports betting sites, these platforms offer various features. Accessible on both mobile and desktop, including through esports betting apps, they are part of Australia's advanced wagering industry.

    Essential customer support ✉️ for PayID betting sites

    Effective customer support is essential for betting sites that use PayID. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, PayID aims to simplify transactions, and immediate assistance is necessary for resolving any issues that might arise during its use. Additionally, since betting involves real money transactions, ensuring security and answering any queries regarding transactions or account details is crucial. A responsive customer support team offers peace of mind, acting as a dependable online ally ready to assist at any time.


    ⓵ Benefits of Using PayID for Payments

    PayID revolutionizes payment processes, eliminating the hassle of traditional bank account numbers and BSBs. It simplifies transactions by using your email or phone number as a unique identifier, reducing the chance of errors and ensuring faster transfers. Real-time transactions are a breeze with PayID, offering a secure, encrypted, and authenticated payment method. Supported by major banks, it brings a new level of convenience to banking, making your email or phone number an easy-to-remember key for all your transactions. Embrace the modern way of managing payments with PayID.

    ⓶ Where can I bet with PayID in Australia?

    In Australia, numerous betting sites accept PayID as a payment method. These include prominent bookmakers like bet365, PalmerBet, and Sportsbet. However, it's important to check with each specific betting site for their payment options, as availability can vary.

    ⓷ Is it safe to give someone your PayID?

    Yes, it is generally safe to give someone your PayID. PayID is designed to be a secure method of receiving payments. It allows you to receive payments without disclosing your bank account details. However, always ensure that you only share your PayID with trusted individuals or reputable organizations.

    ⓸ Can PayID be hacked?

    Like any online system, PayID is potentially susceptible to hacking, but it has robust security measures in place. The platform uses encryption and authentication processes to protect your information. However, users should practice standard online security measures, such as using strong passwords and being cautious of phishing attempts, to further minimize risks.

    ⓹ What is the limit with PayID?

    The transaction limit for PayID payments can vary depending on the bank or financial institution. Each bank sets its own limits for PayID transactions, both for sending and receiving funds. These limits are usually in place to safeguard against fraud and can vary from one bank to another. It's best to check with your specific bank for their PayID transaction limits.

    ⓺ Is PayID Safe and Secure for Transactions?

    PayID is designed with a high level of security for transactions. It incorporates encryption and authentication to safeguard your financial data. However, users should be cautious about phishing scams and adhere to best online security practices to enhance safety.

    ⓻ Are There Fees for Using PayID?

    Generally, PayID itself does not charge fees for transactions. Nonetheless, fees may be applied by individual banks or financial institutions for specific types of transactions. It's recommended to consult with your bank to clarify any potential fees related to PayID usage.

    ⓼ How long does it take for a PayID transaction to process?

    Typically, PayID transactions are processed almost instantly, offering swift and efficient money transfers. However, the actual time taken may vary depending on the banks involved, the betting site, and other transaction-related factors.

    ⓽ What betting sites have PayID?

    PayID is available on several betting sites, including Bet365, Bet Right, BlueBet, Dabble, Palmerbet, Picklebet, and GetSetBet. As it's a relatively new option, it's more commonly found in established bookmakers rather than new betting sites.

    ⓾ Can I withdraw from PayID betting sites?

    Currently, PayID is not typically used as a direct method for withdrawals from betting sites.

    How do I create a PayID?

    To create a PayID, register with your bank or financial institution. You can then link a chosen identifier, like an email or phone number, to your bank account for simplified money transfers.

    Can I get bonuses from using PayID?

    While there are bonuses available on various betting sites in Australia, the availability of specific bonuses related to using PayID depends on the policies of the individual bookie.