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PayPal betting sites in Australia 2024 deposit bookmakers using PayPal

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    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-04-10

    Best PayPal betting sites in Australia

    Did you know that PayPal is one of the leading ways to transfer money to and from your favourite sports betting site in Australia? The payment method is so popular that it has spawned a variety of bookmakers who focus on providing and facilitating transactions using this option. As a result, the list of best PayPal betting sites is growing bigger and the number of people who have a PayPal account is increasing.

    But what makes PayPal such a viable option? Well, the e-wallet is one of the most trusted banking methods to transact money while enjoying transparency and security. It’s a proven solution that has been with us since 1998 and that has repeatedly delivered on a sterling offer.

    PayPal is virtually unhackable, it provides you with clear-cut rules that when followed mean a smooth experience, and is now one of the most trusted payment options for a number of bookmakers in Australia. In other words, betting sites that accept PayPal are often some of the most trusted and as such, they provide you with a variety of flexible choices. You will never be in a shortage of excellent websites that will accept your deposits and then honour betting new winnings via PayPal.

    There are many things you would want to know about bookies that accept PayPal and facilitate transactions and payments with this method. If you are looking to find out about the way PayPal works when betting on sports, the existing and available deposits and withdrawals, and several other additional facts that will help you make full good use of this payment method, we are always there to point you in the direction of those companies and will always recommend the most trusted brands.

    PayPal company info

    Official namePayPal Holdings, Inc.
    Alternative namesPYPL, Pay Pal,
    First nameConfinity
    Founded inDecember 1998
    FoundersPeter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, Yu Pan, Elon Musk, Russel Simmons
    Headquarters2211 North First Street San Jose, California, U.S.
    RevenueUS$25.371 Billion (2021)
    E-Mail[email protected]
    Contact phone number14029352050

    PayPal has a fascinating story and long before PayPal was integrated with online betting APPs, it was already grabbing news headlines. While early day scepticism definitely existed, PayPal managed to deliver one of the best payment systems globally operated without the involvement of a bank, making it possible to imagine a world where bank transfer isn’t the only option to move money around.

    The company was founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs, among whom were Elon Musk and Russel Simmons, founder of Yelp. The company reports revenue of $21 billion per annum and this number has been steadily growing over the years. PayPal was so successful that it went public only four years after it was founded.

    The success of its Initial Public Offering in 2002 allowed the company to really take up and become one of the go-to e-wallet options around the globe, from the United States to Canada, from the United Kingdom to Australia. PayPal has an immense utility value for the world as it has been able to build one of the most sophisticated and trustworthy payment ecosystems.

    The company offers a 24/7 monitoring of all transactions to ensure that there is nothing untoward and it never shares information with vendors. In this case, a vendor would be any sports betting site in Australia that accepts the payment option.

    Using PayPal for betting online

    Using PayPal for betting online is one of the key reasons why this payment option is so popular. PayPal deposits and withdrawals are quick and easy, and they provide you with a secure way of resolving any transaction online. Punters who prefer to fund their betting accounts through a trusted payment option rather than their bank account will often select PayPal as a payment method.

    The e-wallet is integrated with many highly-respected Australian betting sites which means that you will always have access to this method and be able to top up your bankroll or cash out your winnings. There are no restrictions when it comes to what you can do as long as you follow the steps outlined in the T&C.

    Betting with PayPal is often safer; many punters agree as you do not reveal your direct credit card or bank information with the betting site but use PayPal as a buffer which transmits a verification to the betting site. This way you can bet online without ever having to worry that your financial data may be available online somewhere else.

    PayPal guarantees that you can remain laser-focused on your betting selections and wagers while the company sorts out the overall safety and security of each transaction.

    Top betting sites that accept PayPal

    Australian trusted betting sites that select PayPal as a payment method do so as they realise the net benefit this option plays to both consumers and the business they run. As such, you will have definite advantages in enjoying a gaming experience at the best Australian sites that accept PayPal and allow you to enjoy it yourself. The important thing to note about PayPal betting sites is that they have a great reputation. They provide you with flexible gaming, and everything you would need to have a blast!

    1. Leon Bets
    2. Bambet
    3. Betsevo
    4. PlayUP
    5. Playamo
    6. 888 sport

    The best online bookmaker with PayPal for 2024

    best paypal betting site

    best paypal bookmaker

    How to deposit via PayPal

    If you want to start betting with PayPal, all you need to do is follow the few steps necessary to set up your account. This means that you need to visit the PayPal website that is available in your jurisdiction. Please keep in mind that PayPal uses advanced geolocation methods. This means that if you open an account from the United Kingdom, you will need to close that one and open a new one if you relocate to the United States, for example. Australians who use PayPal to bet in the country need not worry about anything.

    PayPal betting sites in Australia make sure to verify that your account is from the country. Registering an account is actually very simple. You click on the home page and choose “register”. You are prompted to fill out the information you need and then your registration is complete. Heading out to the sports betting site you want to make a deposit at, all you need to do is click on the banking section, choose PayPal as your preferred payment method, and choose the amount you wish to deposit. When you click “accept”, you are taken to the PayPal account checkout window where you enter your account info (username and password) and authorise the transaction.

    The money should appear on your betting account immediately. This is really how simple it is using PayPal from the first person and you should have no trouble maintaining a healthy bank account using PayPal.

    PayPal deposits and withdrawals

    The best thing about the best PayPal betting sites is that they allow you to both deposit and withdraw from them. In other words, PayPal is an e-wallet option that is well-rounded and centred on a wholesome banking experience that will stick with you and allow you to benefit from a flexible overall option.

    Deposits and withdrawals with PayPal are easy to carry out. Essentially, you choose PayPal as your preferred payment option and settle them instantly. You will be taken to the check out page either way where you will once again confirm that you want to use PayPal as your method of making a transfer. Let’s take a look at the withdrawing process once again.

    PayPal deposit limits (min & max)

    When talking about possible deposit limits, it’s important to understand that PayPal is all about making the transfer of cash to and from sports betting sites easy. That is why betting sites that accept PayPal will usually adjust their minimum and maximum deposit for PayPal as per the company’s own standards. People who use this payment option may deposit between $1 and $5,000 per individual transaction.

    PayPal min transaction$1
    PayPal max transaction$5000
    Bookmaker min deposit$5

    These limits are there to make the method more accessible and put some protection on consumers. PayPal is consumer-focused and you need to have a private account as opposed to a business one to make deposits at PayPal. Limits may be further adjusted by the sportsbook so you need to keep this in mind.

    For example, a transaction may be capped at $2,000 while a deposit minimum may be set at $5, $10 or $20, which varies but will always be readily-available information for you to check out and act accordingly based upon. All PayPal betting sites make this process easy and simple!

    Withdrawing from your betting account to PayPal

    To cash out from your betting account, you will need to follow a few simple steps. In fact, the cashout is not much different from a bank transfer. You should just go to the cashier section and after that just choose PayPal as your preferred cash out method. You then enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and as you do, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to withdraw. Then, the betting site will confirm that the withdrawal has been completed. There may be pending time before this happens.

    Some websites process PayPal deposits and withdrawals instantly, but others may need to manually verify the withdrawals which will take some time before completion. However, the best PayPal betting sites make sure that they only take no more than two business days to settle a transaction and allow you to enjoy your sports winnings. PayPal betting sites make your withdrawals a piece of cake!

    Benefits and cons of using PayPal on betting sites

    PayPal benefits

    • world accepted PayPal is widely accepted across the world
    • instant transaction with PayPal is usually instant
    • anonymous PayPal makes it possible to transact anonymously online
    • simple process of creating PayPal account is as simple as can be
    • trusted it has gained large trust from millions of users for over 20 years of operationing
    • secure proven security of payments
    • credit cards issuing different kinds of credit, debit, and prepaid cards
    • fast registration fast registration at the betting site using your PayPal account

    PayPal cons

    • charges transaction charges
    • no welcome bonus PayPal payments may not be eligible for welcome bonus
    • account closing if you violate any of the service terms, your account could be suspended or closed


    ⓵ Do you need a bank account for PayPal?

    Some people who are new to PayPal may have a question or two about the functionality of the e-wallet and whether you need to have a dedicated bank account to run PayPal. The answer is yes, you do need to have a dedicated bank account (or a credit/debit card) that is linked with your PayPal. Debit card payments will remain hidden unless they are carried out through PayPal, but for you to really make any use of this e-wallet, you will have to own a bank account and more importantly, link it to your e-wallet. This e-wallet is connected to your PayPal betting sites account which facilitates the banking.

    Why is this important? PayPal can verify your identity by sending a small payment to your bank account that you will then confirm – it’s usually just a few cents that are deposited and the end of the transaction usually contains a verification code (or is used as a verification code rather) to confirm that you are truly the owner of the account. You will have to have an account – whether this is the IBAN number or the bank card number – linked all the time if you wish to withdraw money from your PayPal account to your actual bank account.

    However, if you have already topped your bankroll at PayPal and wish to deposit, you may do so without a linked account. Some people keep their virtual cards linked as a precaution and make sure to keep their IBANs off their wallet. In summation, you do need a linked credit/debit card or a bank account.

    ⓶ How long do PayPal betting payments take?

    This is a great question. Usually, it’s from instant to up to 48 hours. Why is this variation so big? Well, because it depends on what you are trying to do. For example, if you are going to deposit with PayPal, then you will not have much trouble and be able to complete the transaction very quickly – instantly as a matter of fact notwithstanding some small processing delay.

    If you are withdrawing from a sportsbook with PayPal, then you will notice that this withdrawal is usually instant once it’s cleared by the website. However, the website may choose to have a pending period applied to it during which it will look into the transaction and clear it manually. In other words, the latest you will get a transaction cashed out from a betting site with PayPal is 48 hours later.

    The better the sportsbook, the quicker these transactions should happen. You do not have to provide any additional credit card details to use this payment option for deposits or cashouts. It’s all very intuitive and easy. The best PayPal betting sites will have you sorted, no questions asked!