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    Betting expert Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-04-10

    Ever wondered what the best Australian trusted betting sites are? There are good reasons why some bookmakers are deemed safer and more reliable than others. Today, we take a look at what makes some brands better, whether this has to do with their overall track record of a brand, or what you stand to benefit from it. For example, some websites tend to be more trusted than others because they offer high odds or just have a better bookie rating altogether.

    Aussie punters are some of the most passionate out there, and they do deserve to enjoy a fantastic betting experience when all things are considered. This is why, the top Australian betting sites that enjoy the public trust have been working hard around the clock for the past several years to build their reputation block by block and maintain it intact over the years.

    For those of you who are wondering what the most trusted sports betting sites in Australia have to offer, we have the answers ready. We have gone through some of the best brands there are currently operating in the country and we take a closer look at the full offer. Whether you are looking for aggressive odds or the best fixed odds, we are sure that there will be something the top Aussie bookies in the country can provide you with. There is no shortage of awesome opportunities so stay tuned for some of the most worthwhile experiences out there indeed.

    How Australian bookmakers have their reputation established

    Australian bookies reputation is hard fought for and it definitely requires businesses to meet some specific criteria. To help you better understand what defines the reputation of a trusted bookie, we will take a look at several factors that inspire trust in your and help you make the best choice.

    Gambling age in Australia

    Australia has set the gambling age for most sports betting contests at 18. As a result, you can enjoy sports betting contests from fairly early which is a great way to approach the activity. It’s good to know what the legal betting age in Australia is because it will enable you to participate in betting contests as soon as you turn that age. It’s important to understand and stick with trustworthy websites that make sure to enforce and double-check their customer’s age in order to provide the safest gambling experience possible for new and seasoned players possible. If you see a bookie that doesn’t follow this requirement, please consider avoiding it altogether - it’s not going to be worth your time.

    Feedbacks about brand

    The first thing to consider yourself is brand reputation. It’s easy to be tempted by just about any good-looking bookmaker, but you should always ask yourself what others say about one brand and another. This is the best way to know everything there is to know about a betting site available to Australians. Reputation among users is built slowly over the months and years, and this is why player feedback is considered one of the greatest tools for evaluating any bookmaker and what they may have to offer you. All Australian trusted betting sites will have their reputation put to a quick, public test. You can verify whether a betting site is worth your while by quickly checking in with some of the most popular online forums that discuss such websites, including Auss Sports Betting.

    Licensing conditions

    Licensing is actually very important for Australian new sport betting sites. The country has liberal laws toward betting, but in order to operate as a bookmaker, every brand needs to meet specific regulatory prerequisites. The current law that presides over the betting industry is the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. This is done in order to ensure the fairness of the experience for all parties involved.

    Sports fans are actually encouraged to scrutinise each bookmaker’s particular licensing conditions. The best bookies out there will always display their licensing, whether it’s credited by the New South Wales Liquor & Gaming Authority, or another relevant authority. But why is it important for Australian trusted betting sites to have a license? A license from NSW means that a website is audited by the government, lists among online betting NSW and that it needs to meet very high standards for brand reliability. This includes fair wagering requirements for the bonuses, an unaggressive way of advertising, and often capitalising on player well-being over anything else.

    The good news is that focus on licensing operations has created one of the safest harbours for most players out there who can expect to discover compelling and trustworthy products. All you need to do is verify the license quickly by referencing it on the footer page.

    Easy registration process

    Another important aspect of a great and trustworthy betting site in Australia is how easy they are to use. This begins with registration. An Aussie bookmaker should provide you with a clear-cut way to register yourself and access the website. This is done by prompting you to fill out information such as name, picking a username & password, setting up a secure question, confirming you are of the legal gambling age and providing your date of birth as well as address of residence. This entire process is simple and intuitive, and it makes it a joy to finish your registration from beginning to end, including the verification processes thereafter.

    Verification process

    A verification process is quite important to player and sports bookies alike. The process essentially helps the bookie confirm that you are of the legal age of 18. It further enhances the player experience because the bookmaker also ensures that you are not overspending and playing within your means. Trusted sports betting sites in Australia all make sure to deliver on the same high-quality features that keep you safe!

    Many sports markets

    A key feature for any sportsbook is to have sufficient betting markets to offer you. This means that you need to look forward to bookies that are fully committed to providing you with an outstanding variety of options which will include soccer, football, rugby, basketball, baseball, motorsports, martial arts, cricket, golf, volleyball, horse racing, racing, boxing, tennis, hockey, and so much more. Some bookies will even feature electronic sports as part of the offer, and others will even extend their offer to feature fantasy sports, a nice addition to the mainstream sports betting experience. Among the ones that offer top-notch esports betting markets are choices such as Ladbrokes, Unibet and They all feature all the major events available and make sure to provide you with much-coveted variety.

    Supports phone betting

    Betting live in Australia is slightly different than other places in the world. For example, you cannot bet via an in-play overlay. Instead, you can bet on the phone and bet on live events all the same. All trusted Australian betting sites make sure that you have access to clear-cut markets and will accept bets in your real-time, enabling you to never miss a part of the betting action if you choose to place a flutter on an event that is currently ongoing. Many bookies spend an extra effort to keep their live betting phone line service available to anyone who wishes to bet. Whether you are betting on the Melbourne Cup or the Super Bowl, or just a regular season game, you can rest assured that the best bookies have you covered.

    Great bonusing conditions

    Another important detail about the most trusted Australian betting sites is whether they take pains to ensure that their bonusing conditions will be precisely what you need them to be. Punters will want to play at sites where the wagering requirements are written clearly and make sure that whatever they may be, they are easy to follow without any ambiguities. Please note that in Australia bookies can't advertise bonuses, so you can only find out about their T&Cs after registering - not before. Even reviews about particular brand may not advertise bonuses (it's illegal to do so and will lead to a website being shut down by ACMA bookmakers).
    But what bonuses are you after? There are many types of promos that you can benefit from yourself, including but not limited to:

    • Free Bets
    • Deposit Bonuses
    • Cashback Bonuses
    • Moneyback Bonuses
    • Odds Boosts
    • Matched Deposit Offers
    • Referral Bonuses
    • In-Play Betting Bonuses

    You need bonuses that also offer great wagering requirements. For example, you want to wager your betting bonus just once, or a few times at the most. A x1 rollover requirement for your deposit bonus should be pretty standard. Up to x5 rollover may be required for free bets. Bonuses can be fun and while not all punters insist on having one, there are those who put great store by a site’s trustworthiness by simply reading into the bonusing conditions.

    Fair odds

    Australian betting sites that are worth exploring will all make sure that you have access to some of the best-fixed odds out there. But what are fair odds? Most fair odds begin at a rate that does not harm the bettors. An example would be if two teams have about 50% probability to win, then their odds should not be different. You can check whether odds are fair by comparing them. If you notice a bookie constantly reducing good odds to force you to make a lesser profit, you have a red flag that the odds aren’t really good. To make things simple for you, we have selected some options for you that will meet your expectations for fair odds. You can find them at bookies such as Neds, Topsport, and Betfair, but also Sportbet.

    The odds will be fair and they will be predicated on objective factors, but often provide you with some bonuses and upsides of the experience as well. Players are very welcome to explore betting markets that are focused on the punter and seek to provide you with strong fixtures that will serve you well. The best and most trusted bookmakers know that they cannot make any compromise with the quality and variety of their betting markets as this is what punters put the greatest store by and insist on having access to excellent options from beginning to end.

    Knowledgeable customer support

    Another great tell-tale sign of a responsible and secure bookie is whether you can connect with its customer care agent 24/7 via chat, mail or phone and have any issue solved quickly and without any hitches. Customers who bet often turn to customer support to inquire some specific events, bonuses, or fixtures. This is why having great customer support is crucial for the experience of most sports bettors and they always insist to have access to people who are knowledgeable and can help with anything that concerns the website - this is precisely why you should give them a try.

    Signs of a bookmaker’s reliability

    What makes a bookmaker truly worth your attention? No doubt, there are numerous factors that come into play when looking to play at a safe betting site, whether this is in Australia or somewhere else. Luckily, there are some objective points based on regulatory criteria that will always help you determine what you need and set the tone of what to expect from the country’s top and best-performing websites. Looking for a safe and reliable best betting site in Australia? Let’s see what makes trusted sports betting sites just that.

    License of operation

    Why license? Because of the clear-cut manner in which the country regulates its betting laws, it’s often a bit easier to follow through with what constitutes a safe betting option. Betting on sports in the country is, in fact, legal, as established by the country’s Gambling Act of 2001. This piece of legislation is also known under another name, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 or IGA 2001.

    It essentially outlined the allowed activities that people could bet on, both in-person and online, including:

    • Horse races
    • Harness races
    • Greyhound races
    • Sporting events
    • Series of events
    • Contingencies

    Essentially, Australia thought its laws to be clever enough so they would be able to integrate new events and create fresh opportunities for things such as esports betting. Aussie bettors are actually very welcome to examine a website’s footer and see what safety features and guarantees are offered there.

    Presently, the license that sports bookies need to have is from Northern Territory Racing Commission, Gaming & Liquor NSW or Victoria Gaming. This is what all trusted sports betting sites have in common – they make sure that important information about their offer is publicly available or in the “public domain.”

    If you see a bookie without a license, this means that the company has preferred to operate out of the regulatory framework and for whatever reason does not necessarily inspire much trust. Most such websites are better left alone as you have dozens of worthwhile alternatives that are based in Australia instead.


    Essentially, transparency is key to making sure that you are playing and betting at a trusted brand as opposed to a website that does not have your best interest in mind. You want to know what you are getting into, so read through each bookie to make sure that its terms and conditions, from the website to the bonuses, are clear-cut and easily understandable.

    After you check the information, you will have been able to identify at least several important factors about the bookie. First, you can tell if the website holds a license from a distinguished authority. Second, you will know whether the website's offers and requirements suit you.

    One big and important factor is to always have information about the company that owns a bookie. While there aren’t too many people who care about examining the actual owners of Australian betting sites, the simple truth is that this is one of the best ways to tell if a website is safe or otherwise. To achieve this, all you need to do is to look up the company under which the trademark is registered.

    Remember, the sportsbook is just a trademark name, but it will actually be run by a registered business. The more you know about this business, the more you will be able to learn about how credible a particular sportsbook’s offer is. There are also other tell-tale signs that will tell you a thing or two about the reliability of a sportsbook and whether you may trust it.

    Data protection

    Data protection is such an important part of what a sportsbook can offer you. Bookies in Australia will ensure that your personal information is always protected and that you can enjoy the fantastic gameplay. Bookies will be responsible for your financial as well as personal data and the most trusted sports betting sites in Australia have iron-clad safety mechanisms to ensure that you are always protected from leaks or any other pernicious effects that sharing your data may have. The data is encrypted and never transmitted to third parties.

    Partnership and Responsible Gambling

    In this case, this could be a partnership with an established integrity body. Some Aussie bookies are actually working with IBIA, the International Betting Integrity Association, which is working with bookmakers and betting sites to ensure that there’re no red flags about potential corruption in sports. IBIA has the habit of only working with the best and most trusted sports betting operators out there, so if you see their sign in the footer of an Aussie betting site, you have fairly good evidence that you have made the right choice there.

    Another equally important thing to look out for when seeking the best trusted betting sites in Australia is whether a website commits to responsible gambling, plain and simple. Whether you are betting on race multis or a straight-up bet, the activity of sports betting can get pretty heated. Before long, you may be betting more than you are actually prepared to lose, and this is one of the most serious issues.

    To be able to tell whether a website is safe and trusted, you should look at the way it treats vulnerable gamblers or the tools it has at its disposal to ensure that you are benefiting from a fully worthwhile experience that is dedicated to maintaining your good habits when placing bets on your favourite sports betting contests.

    Responsible gambling happens in many different forms. We will take a closer look to help you understand it better.

    Responsible Gambling with Australian trusted betting sites

    There are established ways to ensure that consumers are always protected from any pernicious influences and this is precisely what matters in this case. How well-equipped are sportsbooks to protect you from any downside of gambling?

    Well, there are several proven tools that will make responsible gambling so much easier and just incidentally, you will find all of these at the same place – at the best bookmakers out there that make it just so easy to play and enjoy your gaming experience.

    For starters, all Australian trusted betting sites should have a clear commitment to responsible gambling – this is non-negotiable. The first thing is to link to all bodies that are committed to eradicating any pernicious influence sports betting might have on you or your mental health. This means that you will have the numbers of many organizations that specifically deal with problem gambling.

    They will be available for free and you may get a consultation over the phone or an email, or even via texting in a web-based chat. So, all of these are great and they are the first and simplest thing to do. There is more, of course. For example, you can benefit from all of the tools that make it possible to control your betting habits.

    But what does this mean exactly? Well, there are various tools that simplify the betting process. For example, you can set something known as deposit and betting limits. In other words, you may not deposit more than AU$100 a week if you have the deposit limits set in. You can also have a limit on how much you can bet in total over the week or month.

    The depositing limits are actually very flexible and you are the boss of these. This responsible gambling tool is often the most trusted ally of the safest Aussie betting sites. It gives you full control and makes sure that you are not limited, but still, in control of the amounts, you get to bet weekly, monthly, or even annually.

    All sportsbooks that are trustworthy in Australia will also provide you with the option to completely shut down your betting activity over certain periods of time. You may ask the bookie to restrict your access to specific betting options for a week, a month or even the entire year. Once you self-exclude for a given period, though, you should know that the bookies will not allow you back until after that period expires.

    It's important to choose carefully what limitations you want to introduce to your gaming. However, the fact is that self-exclusion tools work and they will really help you keep your gambling habits under control. That is why the safest Australian betting sites are always keen on providing you with the single-best responsible gambling options that will make your experience great.