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25 best sports betting sites in Tanzania ✔️ top bookmakers 2024

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    Meet our author
    Betting specialist Elizabeth Winnie

    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Tanzania. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-04-08

    Sports Betting in Tanzania

    Are you looking for the best betting sites in Tanzania? Our experts prepared the most detailed guide on the Tanzanian sports wagering market. We analyzed all providers and selected the betting sites that are worth your while.

    All bookmakers mentioned in our article are legal. Our team researched the betting markets covered and the events offered. We also tested the ease of use and promotions designed for new and loyal players.

    Check out our list of 10 best betting sites in Tanzania:

    1. Gal Sports Betting (GSB) – You can enjoy wagering on real and virtual sports, including in-play wagering; the customer support is also really friendly and helpful.
    2. Redbet – This international brand offers a variety of payment options and covers all major sports events.
    3. Sokabet – A simple interface and the ease of using the website will be attractive to beginners.
    4. Premier Bet – This huge bookmaker offers everything from sports wagering to casinos and betting on esports.
    5. BikoSports – The attractive odds and excellent wagering options make this platform worth trying.
    6. Mkekabet – This national provider offers tempting promotions for new and loyal players.
    7. Fastbet – The provider offers a fast registration method that ensures you start wagering in minutes.
    8. SportPesa – If you bet on the go, SportPesa has the best-designed apps in the Tanzanian market.
    9. Tbet – This Tanzanian bookmaker has attractive promotions and reliable customer support.
    10. BetPawa – It’s an international betting provider with a simple and clean layout that makes it easy to place wagers.

    Football is the most popular sport in Tanzania, so it’s not strange it attracts most bettors. Thousands of people gaze at their screens waiting for the total score. In 2020, Mbwana Samatta signed for Aston Villa, which significantly increased interest in the Premier League.

    Yes, sports betting is a 100% legal activity in Tanzania. The authorities even understand the potential of online betting sites. That’s why they legalized this activity in 2012 and offered a complete legal framework in 2016.

    From the player’s perspective, that means there’s no need to use VPN when betting online in Tanzania. It’s legal to visit the best betting sites wherever you are in the country. Another thing that bettors should know is that there is a 20% tax on any online betting winnings.

    As for operators, any bookmaker that wants to do business in Tanzania needs to meet relevant laws and regulations. The country established the Gaming Board of Tanzania in 2003. This body issues licenses to national platforms and providers looking to work in this market. However, you’ll find some international brands acquiring licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and other reputable bodies.

    Most bookmakers list the licenses they acquired in the footer of their homepage. If you check it out, you’ll learn about the acquired certificates. The experts suggest confirming the certificate is valid before you start betting.

    What Events You Can Bet on in Tanzania

    The most popular sports market in Tanzania is football. People love betting on total score as well as the other outcomes of the game. However, the providers make sure to cover other competitions. Many online betting sites include basketball and cricket in their selection. The selected best betting sites in Tanzania also offer handball, golf, table tennis and tennis, hockey, boxing, MMA, volleyball, and racing competitions like Formula 1 and MotoGP.

    The betting options vary depending on the event you select. You’ll find an impressive selection of wagering choices for the most popular competitions that day. But if you choose lower leagues of less popular events, your betting selection might not be as impressive.

    Football Leagues

    The best betting sites in Tanzania put football in focus, and for a good reason. The statistics show bettors from Tanzania place most wagers on football, no matter if it is the total score, or the result of a particular player. That’s why all bookmakers include the most popular competitions in their selection.

    You can bet on national leagues like Bundesliga, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, etc. The continental competitions, such as UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup, are available. Betting providers also include African continental cups or matches in the Tanzanian National League.

    The wagering selection varies from wagering on the total score to predicting the scorers or even competition winners. You can play a single match or combine multiple games on a single ticket. If you mix multiple matches, the odds multiply, and that can increase your winning. However, it’s more difficult to guess more outcomes right.


    Wagering on esports has become popular in the last several years. You won’t find it on every betting site. The most popular wagering option seems to be Dota 2, a famous online multiplayer game. Fans of shooting games will enjoy the best betting experience on CS: GO, and you can also wager on Starcraft, League of Legends (LOL), and other games.

    The betting options in esports depend on the game selected. You can wager on a team or player you believe will win the playing session. Some games also allow wagering on how many points a player will have (the total score) or placing bets on particular rounds.

    How to register to start online betting in Tanzania

    Most betting sites in Tanzania will require you to register before placing a wager. This process doesn’t take more than a minute or two. It involves providing your phone number and primary details. Some brands might require passing an identity verification check during the signing-up process. That allows the bookmaker to be sure you meet age restrictions. It’s also a proven method to minimize money laundering.

    Players can also benefit from registering. Your account keeps track of former bets, and you qualify for a loyalty program (if available). You might even get a birthday or a new player bonus from the bookmaker.

    Are there any bonuses for loyal and new players?

    The competition among wagering sites in Tanzania is fierce. That’s why the majority offers bonuses in Tanzanian shillings to attract players to their platform. Some betting sites in Tanzania will agree to provide a risk-free first bet. If you miss the first wager, you get a refund as a free bet, which is convenient. Other brands might give a deposit match bonus.

    It’s common to offer a win bonus if you place five or more matches on your ticket. The minimal requirement varies on the platform, as well as the boost rate. Some bookmakers have a loyalty program that involves weekly free bets and other benefits for high rollers.

    Most betting sites will calculate your bonuses in Tanzanian shillings. It’s only reasonable because Tanzanian shillings are the official local currency. Most platforms don’t even accept other currencies.

    Is Live Betting Available in Tanzania?

    Live or in-play betting is the latest trend among the players from Tanzania. Most betting sites included this wagering option to keep up with the bettors’ requests.

    If you place a live bet on an event, that means you wager while the event is in progress. This is an excellent way to boost the adrenaline rush while watching a football or basketball game. Many players like to see how the event unfolds before placing a bet - the total score is yet unknown, and the preferences change. In-play wagering allows them to check how the players and teams play and decide which bet to place.

    Tanzanian providers give their best to secure live broadcasts of the most popular events. The matches available depend on the platform, but you can watch some games live online if you have a registered account. And even if the actual video isn’t available, the provider tries to secure audio or text commentary. The text version is more common. It provides information on what happens at the event at this point. You can even check the statistics, such as ball possession, shots on goal, etc. The idea is to make you feel like you are watching the match. And in the very end, when you already know the total score, you rejoice with other fans.

    Are the online betting platforms easy to use?

    Is it your first time wagering online? If yes, you’ll love the simple interface offered by Tanzanian betting sites. Most providers keep their layouts clean. Menus are easy to navigate as you find the list of the available sports in the top or left menu. After choosing the desired competition, you see the available matches and best betting options in the screen center. From there, all it takes is to pick the desired bet and finalize the transaction.

    Before you can place a wager, you need to have funds in your balance. That requires using one of the available payment options offered by the site to top up your account with Tanzanian shillings. The actual methods vary, but here are the most common ones in Tanzania:

    • Mobile money
    • Direct bank account transfer
    • Debit and credit cards
    • E-wallets

    Most methods require only seconds to process the deposit in Tanzanian shillings and transfer it to your balance. The depositing process usually comes without fees unless your payment provider charges something. The withdrawals might have a processing fee required by the website. You shouldn’t wait for more than a business day or two for a withdrawal.

    If you want to play on the go, Tanzanian bookmakers made sure their betting sites are mobile-friendly. The interface adjusts to your device’s screen as soon as you visit the site. Some bookies even offer specialized apps for iOS and Android. You can download them for free to ensure a streamlined experience when betting on the go.

    Are betting brands reliable in Tanzania?

    You need to choose carefully when selecting a betting site in Tanzania. However, if you stick to our bookmaker list, you can rest assured all of them are reliable. That means they have the necessary licenses to operate in this country. These brands also guarantee payments, which means you don’t have to worry if you’ll receive your money.

    Providers ask users to verify their accounts when joining their platforms. You can’t have more than a single account per person. If the administrators notice something wrong, they reserve the right to block any profile.

    Do the betting providers care about Responsible Gaming?

    Sports betting is a form of online gambling. Its main goal is to be a fun way to spend leisure time. However, if you take things too far, you might develop an addiction problem. Most bookmakers pinpoint they care about their players and implement the rules of responsible gaming.

    That’s why you’ll see responsible gambling features active on most betting sites. These features allow you to restrict your account for a specific time. The self-exclusion measure can help you to stay off a wagering site for the desired time. Additionally, the platforms offer resources on responsible gaming.

    Here are some tips to keep your wagering responsible:

    • Budget management. You should only bet with the Tanzanian shillings you can afford to lose, so do the calculations first.
    • Don't get caught up in the moment. There’s no room for emotions. Even if your gut tells you, never go over your pre-set budget.
    • Avoid wagering when you are upset. If we are upset, we tend to make bad decisions.
    • Don't hesitate to ask for help. If you notice you have developed a gambling problem, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for help.


    ⓵ What is the most reliable bookmaker in Tanzania?

    Gal Sports Betting is a trustworthy bookmaker with fast payouts and reliable customer support. However, you won’t go wrong with any of the best betting providers mentioned in our list.

    ⓶ Which bookmaker offers the best odds?

    BikoSports offers generous odds to its players. However, this can vary from one event to another. That’s why we advise checking the odds on more platforms and selecting the best option for the desired match.

    ⓷ What's the total number of bookmakers in Tanzania?

    There’s no accurate information, but the estimate is there are 25+ legal bookmakers in Tanzania. Some betting providers aren’t legal, which is why you shouldn’t trust them. The country legalized online and offline wagering, and you are much safer with legit brands.

    ⓸ Can I watch sports events live?

    Some providers like Gal Sports Betting (GSB) offer live broadcasts of matches. Live streaming is usually available only for selected events. But in any case, to place bets while watching the game and waiting for the total score is a magnificent experience. Apart from the broadcast, you can follow match trackers. These show statistics and information on what’s currently happening at the event.

    ⓹ What do players most frequently bet on in Tanzania?

    Football is the most popular sport (especially bets on total score), and ante-post bets are the players’ favorite. That means bettors like predicting who will win before matches even start. In-play betting has also become very popular, especially among those who play online.

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