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Non BetStop AU bookies: your Aussie 🦘 guide to betting freedom πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Australia. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-04-10

    Australians vulnerable to the negative impacts of gambling now have the option to self-exclude from every licensed digital betting platform thanks to today's introduction of BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register. However, it's important to note that Non BetStop AU Bookies are not part of this system.

    List of top 10 best betting sites not on BetStop Australia in 2024

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    2. Leon Bets - non-BetStop bookmaker with the highest odds
    3. 888starz - bookmaker not on BetStop with fast payouts
    4. JooSports - bookmaker not on BetStop that accept credit cards
    5. Rabona - no verification bookmaker not on Betstop
    6. 1Bet - best horse racing bookmaker not on BetStop
    7. Megapari - best for soccer betting not on BetStop
    8. 22BET - best Non-BetStop bookmaker in Australia
    9. Melbet - best mobile bookmaker Not On BetStop
    10. Starda - new bookmaker Not On BetStop

    BetStop provides a one-step process for self-exclusion from all wagering services licensed in Australia, whether they operate online or via telephone.

    This register encompasses all licensed Australian platforms for interactive wagering, both online and phone-based. It ensures that these service providers are prohibited from opening an account for, accepting bets from, or sending marketing materials to those who have chosen to self-exclude. Nonetheless, this doesn't extend to Non BetStop AU Bookmakers, which fall outside this safeguard.

    • Australians now have the flexibility to self-exclude from licensed wagering platforms for periods ranging from a minimum of three months to a lifetime. This can be accomplished through a free, single-step registration process. It's worth noting that Non BetStop AU Bookies are not included in this framework.
    • Wagering service providers are required to actively promote BetStop on their platforms, including their websites and mobile applications, and in customer marketing materials. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will spearhead a public awareness campaign to further promote the initiative.
    • BetStop represents the final piece of the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering. Two other components – uniform gambling messaging and staff training for wagering services – were implemented on March 30 of this year.
    • The Commonwealth government plans to collaborate with state and territory governments on additional measures to curb the adverse effects of online betting. However, it's crucial to remember that these initiatives do not extend to Non BetStop AU Bookmakers.
    • ACMA will oversee the regulation of BetStop, which is managed by IXUP Limited. The platform has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it provides a secure and user-friendly environment.
    • In addition to launching BetStop, the Government is introducing a mandatory customer pre-verification system. This will require wagering service providers to confirm the identity of new customers upon registration, before they are allowed to place bets. This stipulation, however, does not apply to Non BetStop AU Bookies, which are outside of this regulatory environment.

    The new protocols will supersede the previous 72-hour window for customer identity verification, offering enhanced safeguards for citizens. This includes protection for minors and individuals who have self-excluded via BetStop. However, it's crucial to note that these protections don't extend to Non BetStop AU Bookmakers.

    These new requirements are slated for implementation by the end of September 2023.

    Both the BetStop initiative and the customer pre-verification process are key elements of the Government's sustained focus on reducing gambling-related harm. These steps were endorsed in the final report of a Parliamentary inquiry into the effects of online gambling, released in June. Still, the reach of these safeguards doesn't include Non BetStop AU Bookies.

    The roll-out of BetStop and the new customer pre-verification standards complement the existing ban on credit card usage for online wagering. They also amplify the regulations on gambling-like elements in video games, such as loot boxes and simulated gambling experiences.

    Moreover, the Government has already instituted mandatory monthly activity summaries, enabling those partaking in online wagering to clearly track their gains and losses. This is in addition to nationally standardised training for staff and the introduction of new evidence-based taglines to replace the generic 'Gamble Responsibly' message.

    Remarks credited to the Minister for Communications, the Honourable Michelle Rowland MP:

    • β€œThe Government is committed to minimising gambling harms for vulnerable Australians. That’s why I am pleased the National Self-Exclusion Register has officially launched.”
    • β€œBetStop will change lives for the better, giving Australians most at-risk of gambling harm the support they need to self-exclude from interactive licensed wagering.”
    • β€œBetStop is the last of 10 measures to be implemented under the National Consumer Protection Framework for online wagering.”

    Statements credited to the Minister for Social Services, the Honourable Amanda Rishworth MP:

    • β€œWith the introduction of BetStop, all measures under the National Consumer Protection Framework will be realised, with significant action delivered by our Government in just over a year.”
    • β€œThese measures will help to minimise the harm we see as a result of online gambling. For many people, it will change their lives.”
    • β€œWe know minimising the harm caused by online gambling is not a set and forget exercise and I look forward to working with my state and territory counterparts on what comes next to continue this positive change.”

    Signing Up for BetStop

    Getting set up is straightforward and fast. You'll require:

    • a mobile phone number,
    • an email address,
    • either an Australian driver's licence
    • or a Medicare card.

    The service comes at no cost, and your personal information will be securely guarded.

    BetStop-Compliant Wagering Services

    By opting for self-exclusion through BetStop, you will be cut off from around 150 licensed betting providers across Australia. These service providers are mandated to:

    • Close any accounts you hold for betting
    • Prohibit you from placing wagers
    • Forbid the opening of new accounts in your name
    • Cease sending you promotional communications.

    Note that you don't have the option to pick and choose which providers you'd like to be excluded from.

    Periods for Self-Exclusion

    • The shortest duration for self-exclusion is three months, and it can last up to a lifetime.
    • You have the option to lengthen your self-exclusion period whenever you wish.
    • It's not possible to shorten the time frame of your self-exclusion.

    Opting Out of BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register

    You have the option to request removal from the register, although such a request cannot be made within the first three months of your self-exclusion period.

    To be eligible for removal, your application must feature a statutory declaration. This document should verify that you have consulted with a certified counsellor, psychologist, or medical professional regarding your choice to terminate your self-exclusion. Your support network will be informed when you submit this application.

    Provided that your removal application remains unwithdrawn and is valid, you will be taken off the register seven days following the application's receipt. Individuals in your support circle will also be notified about your application for removal.

    Protection of Your Data and Personal Details

    Your confidential data will be held in a secure manner. As mandated by the Australian Government, the operator of the register is obligated to adhere to rigorous data security and privacy measures. The system has also undergone comprehensive independent scrutiny before its public launch.

    Rules on Disclosure of Personal Data

    Strict regulations are in place to prevent the unauthorised sharing of your personal details. Your information will only be disseminated if you give explicit consent or if it's legally permissible for the ACMA or the register operator to do so as part of their official duties concerning the register.

    For instance, a betting service provider might consult the register to verify whether a customer has opted for self-exclusion. Should this be the case, the register operator will duly inform the provider, while withholding other personal data about self-excluded individuals.

    Interrelation with Other Self-Exclusion Mechanisms

    If you're already part of another self-exclusion initiative β€” be it through a single service provider or a state or territory-based register β€” you'll need to separately enrol in BetStop, the National Self-Exclusion Register.

    The National Self-Exclusion Register functions independently and is not meant to supplant or integrate with pre-existing programs.

    Likewise, the introduction of BetStop doesn't relieve betting service providers of their existing responsibilities, which include offering customers the choice to self-exclude.

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