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Best online lottery sites in India

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    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in India. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Online lottery is quite popular in India, and as you can imagine, there are numerous opportunities for you to explore great lottery sites. To help you win the most out of your efforts in your lottery sessions, we are here with everything you should know about the online lottery.

    That includes the basic principle of online lottery to how to buy lottery tickets, where to find the best international lottery sites, and so much more. More importantly, we bring you the best online lottery sites to help you enjoy your game and make sure that every draw is a small cause for celebration.

    Play Lottery Online

    Online lottery is becoming increasingly popular. Indian players will always prefer it over any retail lottery option, and there is a good reason for that. Below, we have created a quick reference for Indian players looking for a step-by-step guide on how to play online lottery in India, and more importantly, where to find the best online lottery sites.

    Before you buck your first lottery tickets or visit your first lotto agent, we strongly recommend looking at our detailed breakdown below. You will learn more about why you should always choose an online lottery in India, whether the game is legal and if you can participate in an international lottery.

    Playing Online Lottery in India

    Anyone who has been around online lottery for a while will surely know that you can buy lottery tickets online in India. This is a great way to save yourself some time and spend more on your hobby rather than going to a retail shop or waiting for a draw that happens only every so often.

    Instead, you can purchase lottery tickets directly from the best online lottery sites in India and not have another thought about it. We will go through some of the reasons you should pick interactive lottery over any of the other kinds, but more on this in a bit.

    How to Play Online Lottery

    Playing online lottery is very simple, and you should get the hang of it in no time at all. Instead of going to a lotto agent, all you need to do is pick a fitting lottery website available to you in India. We have saved you time and effort and have looked around for you.

    Once you have a website you are happy with, you can start your lottery betting. The process is simple enough. You will set up an account and purchase tickets which are usually very cheap. The best online lottery sites charge a fraction of what your retail lotto agent does.

    With a website registration ready, you need to buy the lottery tickets you want and participate in the available draws. All draws must be listed on the website you are playing at, and we make sure that the lottery websites we recommend come with transparent lottery betting conditions.

    Is Lottery Legal in India?

    The state of online lotteries in India is still discussed, but generally, you don't have anything to worry about as a player. Officially, only 13 states run lotteries, name Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Punjab, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim and Mizoram.

    However, if you don't reside in one of those, you needn't worry. The best online lottery sites operate on the territory of the entire country. In fact, lottery sites in India will be available regardless of where you are, and you can participate as a player without any issue.

    In summation, the online lottery is not only legal, but it's one of the most popular pastimes that people in the country have. You will find numerous opportunities to participate in lottery betting and put your chances of winning to the test. Here are a couple of reasons why you may enjoy online lotteries.

    Reasons to Play Online

    Since you are looking for great lottery websites in India, you probably realise what the benefits of choosing interactive lottery betting are. For those of you still a little hesitant, though, we have plenty of reasons why buying your lottery tickets online may actually be the smart thing to do. You see, it's not just about your overall chances of winning.

    Lottery games online tend to be much more accessible. They provide you with a greater variety and make it possible to play lottery in India from any state and any location. A lotto agent usually has working hours, but the best online lottery sites do not. Unlike the lotto agent, they are open 24/7 and make it easy to enjoy the game at your convenience without ever expecting more or less from you.

    Players are very welcome to pick payment methods that they are familiar with and make it easy to transfer their winnings, top up their online accounts or generally have a bit of fun. It's not just that, though. The best online lottery sites will provide you with free lottery tickets, bonuses, and various promotions.

    Imagine walking at your local lottery agent shop and getting a handful of tickets for free! Well, this often happens at online lottery sites as they are quite keen to have you as their customer, and these are just some of the many reasons why you should turn to these online games!

    Become a Better Player

    You are already sold on online lottery, aren't you? Well, naturally, the next thing you would want to know is how you can become a better player, that is, increase your chances of winning the Mega Millions or any other lottery in India that brings a solid prize pool with it.

    There are ways to influence your lottery betting, and you will be happy to find out that they are accessible, fun and easy to put into practice. Look, all lottery tickets are completely random, so you cannot know what the lottery games will produce as winning combinations.

    However, you can do several things to influence your gameplay for the better, including picking the highest-earning lottery games and making use of bonuses. Not all free lottery tickets are a must-have, but the majority is really helpful.

    After all, why buy lottery tickets if there are free options. It's important to read the T&C's of every lotto bonus, though, to give yourself the best chances of winning. But perhaps most important than everything else is that you need to pay attention to how much you spend.

    What Happens When You Win

    Winning online lottery is perhaps the best feeling you can imagine. You will see your efforts come to fruition, and the sums you win holding the potential to changing your life. However, it's important to understand that different lottery games pay differently. You may win the mega jackpot in Mega Millions, granted, but then again, you may win some small prize, too.

    Once you clear a win, you will need to turn to the correct payment methods for withdrawing your money. This money will be credited to you all at once, but then it would carry a much greater tax. We are talking about the really big sums here.

    Alternatively, you can have the lottery pay you in instalments or even monthly, making it more efficient as you will pay smaller taxes and have the time to manage your money. For smaller winnings, you just pick your preferred payment methods and cash your money straight out.

    Indian Lotto Winners

    As it turns out, there have been plenty of lottery winners over the years. Online lottery sites have been with us for at least the past 15 years, revealing exceptional opportunities for fans of the game. While your lotto agent is still helpful and a great place to enjoy the lottery, nothing can quite match the best lottery sites in India, and this brings us to the question – have there been Indian lotto winners?

    You bet! There are many stories of popular lottery winners in India, including the then 22-year-old Sandeep Singh, who won the eye-watering $30.5 million. In February 2017, Balraj Awasthi won $12.8 million, and Pragnesh Peter Saija, who lived in Canada during his lottery winnings, added another $7 million.

    To put it this way, there have been many lottery winners hailing from India or playing in India. The sums they have won are surely impressive, and it's not just the millionaires. Lottery in India is very accessible, and lottery websites make sure that you have all the right conditions to turn into a winner yourself! Sometimes the amounts will be smaller, that is for sure, but Indian has produced many lottery winners as things stand!

    Types of Online Lottery

    There are many different lotteries to try, and each company is free to offer slightly different lottery games. They pay based on a randomised principle that combines engaging gameplay with a completely sporadic outcome from each draw. The lottery websites we have tested all offer some standard options. These include traditional lottery draws like the Mega Millions, where players try to get the outcome of specific numbers. There are also the daily lotto draws where you purchase a ticket and check-in to see if it has won.

    Another very popular type of lottery is the scratchers or scratch cards. These are cards you buy and then scratch a film off the surface to reveal the numbers or pictures below. If a winning combination is formed, you win. To make these lottery games more fun, most websites will come with different themes and even introduce different scratching mechanics, so you enjoy a lot of variety.

    You may have heard about mobile app online lotteries, and they are a real thing. All online lottery websites today are available from an app, which makes all games and bonuses even more accessible. If you want to have a great time, we recommend trying playing lottery from your mobile app. Last but not least, there are multi-national lotteries!

    An international lottery such as Mega Millions is one of the best options if you want to win big. It comes with massive prize pools contributed by other hopefuls from all across the world, and this guarantees a constant jackpot that will prove quite tempting!

    Which Indian Lottery Should You Choose?

    This naturally brings us to our next logical question. Which lottery sites are cut for you? It depends on what you are looking for. Generally speaking, we recommend sticking with the best online lottery sites because they have plenty to offer you.

    There is the game variety, the bonuses, and the constant churn of new players who keep contributing to the prize pools while trying to win one of the prizes for themselves. You want to pick a lottery that offers the specific games that bring you a great variety of products and specifically the lottery games you appreciate.

    All great lottery sites will ensure that when you buy lottery tickets, you get great value and have numerous opportunities to win. One of the things we ask players is to make sure that they access the lottery games from a mobile app, whether this is an Android or iOS device.

    Your pick of the online lottery should boil down to your personal preferences and how big you are aiming to win. Of course, chance still plays the determining part here, but it never hurts to pick those sites in India that provide you with the exact gaming conditions you prefer.

    India's best online lottery websites

    Understandably, when it comes to getting a great value from an online lottery, you would much rather stick with the best options available to you. That is why we have taken pains to provide you with a list of all the great websites out there that provide you with generous lottery draws and make it easy to enjoy some of the biggest payouts.

    You can buy lottery tickets directly from your mobile app to participate in any games and draws, enjoy fair payouts whenever you win. These websites will also have numerous payment methods making the overall gaming sessions a lot of fun.

    Players should always seek out the top lottery sites first as they provide them with numerous opportunities to enjoy their gaming sessions and get a satisfactory experience. With this in mind, we take a look at the top 10 Indian online lottery sites.

    Top 10 Indian Online Lottery Sites

    Here you will find a list of the available lottery sites in India and what they have to offer you. We have only shortlisted the best ones.

    1. Lotto Kings - Great variety of games, safe and credible offer and excellent experience on mobile.
    2. LottoLand - Run by one of the most trusted lottery operators worldwide and offering a secure overall offer paired with various promotions.
    3. TheLotter - A great selection of over 50 lottery options with great promotions that will reward your efforts on a daily.
    4. Lotto247 - Offering a user-friendly interface paired with syndicates and bundles to make your experience even more rewarding.
    5. Lotto Agent - A reliable and safe offer that will take your experience to the next level through smart bonusing, great lotteries, and more.
    6. PlayHugeLotto - Offering fantastic customer support, great added value to new players and compatibility with iOS and Android devices.
    7. LottoSmile - Accepts Indian rupees and offers a vast selection of available products you can examine yourself.
    8. MultiLotto - Try more than 60 different lotteries you can play in real-time and enjoy swift UPI Paytm banking.
    9. BetWinner - Great and accessible products featuring some of the cheapest and value-added lottery options.
    10. LottoGo - A great user-friendly platform with nice promotional packages, daily jackpots and scratch cards.

    Biggest Online Lottery in India 2024

    When it comes to the biggest online lottery sites in the country, you will notice that there are quite a few fantastic options. Websites such as LottoLand, Lotto Smile India, Lotto247, and Wintrillion are just some brands that bring you massive payouts. They are all excellent and highly-valued lottery sites where you will find all that you need.

    Regarding how big the prize pools are, you can expect payouts that continue to improve in real-time. You will notice that you have access to dozens of lottery events of varying payout potential, all available from a mobile app whether you use an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

    For the truly biggest lottery draws, though, you will probably want to check out international lottery options such as Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Powerball and others. It's best to always double-check with the T&C of these online lottery games as they are often available to Indian players, but some specific conditions may also exist.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lottery Site

    When you visit a lotto agent, you hardly ask yourself why you do that. Still, when you play online lottery, you should take some time and consideration to only play at the best lottery sites available. After all, the better your lottery site, the better the perks you will get out of it are! Here are several considerations we take into account before we issue advice on which site to pick.

    • #1 Check out the Lottery's Reputation There are many ways to pick lottery sites, but nothing communicates confidence quite like a site with a great reputation. You want to be fairly certain that the site you have chosen will provide you with great gaming conditions, and you can usually get that at those trusted websites approved by the community, regulators and our reviewing service as well. New players will also feel safer knowing they are buying their lottery tickets at a branded site.
    • #2 See What Payment Methods Are Available Next, you want to make sure that you will be able to cash out your winnings quickly, and that is where payment methods come in handy. You want to double-check if the available processing methods are native, and they will allow you to quickly deposit and cash out your winnings without any complications. There is an added benefit to using a local payment option as it allows you to avoid any conversion fees and benefit from shorter processing times.
    • #3 Make Sure You Enjoy the Games Why play at just any lottery game when you can pick your favourite? With so many lottery sites in India, it's no surprise that there are quite a few options out there, but it helps to find those games that will truly make you happy and give you maximum pleasure from your next gameplay session. This usually means finding lottery games that are fun to play or provide you with the conditions you expect to see. We factor this in our choice of lottery brands before we recommend them to you!
    • #4 Look at the Odds Another factor to consider here is the games' payouts. Naturally, lottery is all about getting lucky, but you can modify the luck factor a little if you only stick with those games that promise the biggest return. To find out more about this, all you need to do is check out the payout potential of each game. Some lottery games tend to have a slightly higher RTP, and these are perhaps the ones you should stick with as well!
    • #5 Don't Forget about Jackpot Size Another motivator for many players is the jackpot size. You want to enjoy games that have plenty to offer. For some, that would be an international lottery such as Mega Millions. Still, for others, it would be any game with a realistic payout potential and the opportunity to pay you a good amount at the end of the day.

    International lotto sites work best on your mobile

    International lotteries will work straight on your mobile device, which is great if you are looking for a great experience. The majority of Indian online lottery players admit that they prefer to play from a mobile device as it allows them to be more flexible in their choice of games and locations from which they play. Mobile is the way most online lottery sites operates, as they are happy to extend dedicated Android and iOS options to players but also allow HTML5-powered gameplay directly in your smartphone or tablet's browser!

    Questions and Answers about Online Lottery in India

    ⓵ Which is the best online lottery in India?

    This is an open-ended question. Many lotteries in India will be truly worth your while. To make the most out of each, though, you need to know what you are looking for. If you are after big prize pools, Mega Millions is for you! If you are looking for a combination of small and big prize pools, you may want to visit Lotto Smile India or just refer to our list of tested and proven online lottery brands!

    ⓶ What are the best online lottery sites in India?

    The best online lottery sites in India are recognised across the majority of the states. Our advice is always to look up what brands we list on our website and go from there. There are many ways to compare sites, and we urge you to always look for feedback from other Indian lottery players. We take this feedback into consideration when reviewing a lottery site as well.

    ⓷ In which states of India is the lottery legal?

    Presently, 13 states have completely legalised online lottery or at least lottery. They include Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra and others. Does this mean you cannot access lottery products from other places in India? Well, not at all. As things stand, you will notice that you can play from any state. Please, just make sure that you always double-check with each lottery and whether they cover your particular state. The best one mostly do!

    ⓸ Is international online lottery legal in India?

    Yes, an international online lottery is legal in India. There are no laws that currently stop the lottery from operating and targeting citizens. People from various states can join great options such as Mega Millions and enjoy them to the fullest. Players will be able to play lottery games legally from all states in the country and have quite a bit of fun. It is important to double-check the T&C's for each international lottery as that is you will know with certainty that you can legally play and cash out your winnings!

    ⓹ Where can you buy tickets for a genuine online lottery in India?

    You can buy tickets either online or at a retail venue. We recommend sticking with online lottery sites instead, as they make it so much simpler to purchase. Often, these tickets are much cheaper, too, allowing you to try new lottery options quicker and without spending too much of your capital.

    ⓺ How to buy lottery tickets online in India?

    Buying online lottery tickets is a piece of cake. You have nothing to worry about as you will find the experience to be very simple. First, you need to find a website that accepts online lottery players. Once you do, you will be happy to know that all you have to do next is deposit some money and buy the ticket or scratch card you are looking for. This should not take you too long at all and is a simple and straightforward process!

    ⓻ How to win lottery in India?

    To win the online lottery in India, all you need is to buy a ticket to participate in a game. It doesn't matter what the game is, so long as you have a ticket that allows you to play. Once you pick these games, you will have to rely on the luck of the draw!

    ⓼ How to play Dubai lottery from India?

    You can play any lottery, including Dubai's, from India as long as the target lottery allows that. Online lottery sites make it easy to access them from any point in the world, and yes, that includes the Dubai lottery that Indian players can play. Make sure to double-check the terms and conditions of the lottery before you commit any money, though, as they will clearly state whether you can play there.