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15 best sports betting sites in Uganda ✔️ top bookmakers 2024

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    Through a ranking system and serious and consolidated standards, we make a point of evaluating the best authorized betting sites in Uganda. This information will not only allow you to have access to the best bonuses, but also to the best conditions to make the best sports bets online.

    Updated: 2024-04-08

    Sports betting has steadily won the hearts of sports fans for many years. Bettors love the thrill they get when placing bets. Thus, they can both support their favorite teams and show their awareness in sports and their insight. Many reputed sports betting sites in Uganda have a licensed presence when it comes to online bookmaker services. Those who are new to bookmaking need to be discerning before they sign up and wager on different sports and events.

    Experts usually use the following points to review betting sites and prove their reliability:

    • Valid Ownership and Licenses All bookmaker services that are run by legit organizations and have valid licenses display the information. It is also a requirement so that customers can validate any details if they wish to. Experts reviewing the sites will also check such information and ensure that a website is owned by a legitimate venture and licensed by a reputed authority.
    • Payment Terms This is the next important point that sets apart reliable sites from unreliable ones. Banking structure of the sites and how fast the payment cycles make a significant difference; reliable bookmaker sites usually have secure payment gateways and have well-defined payment processing terms. More importantly, they adhere to these terms.
    • Types of Offers These also make a site more popular than others. That is also to do with rollover requirements. Gambling domains with reasonable rollover requirements for their promos and offers, ones offering alluring bonuses and free bets, usually see more people signing up and availing of the offers.
    • Spread of Bets and Offers Smaller sites usually have a limited range of sports segments available for betting. But anyway, even with limited betting options, a site is often rated high if known for reliable service.
    • Balanced Offering of Different Sports and Games Also, regional preferences are essential. Hence, for Uganda residents, sites in Uganda that offer sports betting relevant for the country would be rated higher than others.

    As per the above parameters, here are some top 10 recommendations for sports betting sites in Uganda:

    • Princessbet - the largest online gambling community in South Africa; you can find a wide range of sports betting as well as casino and poker games here.
    • Ababet - the easiest for mobile betting and for the highest odds on live betting; you can also earn free sure wins and free bets; payouts via mobile money are done within 24 hours.
    • Melbet - an international and reputed betting site that has gained popularity in Uganda, a leading football betting site in the country; new members can earn as much as 500,000 USh as a welcome bonus; free bets is also an alluring offer.
    • Betway - an international leading provider in sports betting for Uganda; Ugandan customers can get as much as 200,000 USh as a welcome bonus here.
    • 22bet - an international bookmaker with a leading presence in this country; customers can enjoy pre-match and live bets on different games with high odds; welcome bonus can get customers up to $122 or an equivalent UGX amount.
    • Betpawa - a bookmaker with best win bonuses; users can win up to 500% in win bonus after registering with 1 UGX.
    • Fortebet - offers a wide range of sports betting on different tournaments and games, political bets as well as online casinos; one of the most visited sites in the country; offers quick and easy withdrawals using mobile money accounts.
    • Gal Sport Betting - it has offline betting locations in the country. The online betting platform offers a lucrative first-time bonus of up to 500,000 UGX.
    • bet365 - it is an international bookmaker with many modern features. This domain is known for its mobile betting app and very good customer service.
    • SBA Uganda - has a focused presence for football betting among South African countries; offers the largest win bonus amount, about 750%.

    Soccer is the most popular game in Uganda. The country has yearly playoffs as well as a national league. It is a sport that also sees most people attending the events or watching them over television. Besides soccer, rugby and cricket also have spectators in large numbers. Boxing is also popular, having gained national trophies in different divisions. People are also enthusiastic about cricket, baseball, golf, tennis, cycling, boxing, and swimming. As the country shares a significant part of Lake Victoria’s shoreline with its neighbors, sailing is a popular activity here.

    Many of the sportsmen and athletes have international standing. For instance, recently, Denis Onyango, captain of Uganda Cranes, was announced as brand ambassador by Gal Sports Betting.

    The legality of sports betting

    The gaming act issued in 2016 recognizes national lotteries and makes the National Gaming Board the principal licensing authority. Under this board, licenses are given not only for lotteries but also for sports betting and casinos in Uganda. However, many newbies in the world of betting still have some questions concerning the legality. It’s no surprise, as every bettor needs to know that their pastime is absolutely safe and that they will be treated fairly.

    What licenses should a bookmaker have?

    The gaming act issued in 2016 recognizes national lotteries and makes the National Gaming Board the principal licensing authority. Under this board, licenses are given not only for lotteries but also for sports betting and casinos in Uganda.

    To run a legitimate bookmaker service in Uganda, one needs to apply in person. One needs to approach the National gaming board and fill out a license application form. Once the application for bookmakers is filled and submitted, certain documents need to be given as well. There is an application fee that needs to be paid. Officials of the board will then go through the papers submitted and carry out investigations if necessary. Once all procedures are in order, the license is issued. This usually takes six months or less to complete.

    Taxes applicable on winnings

    Currently, the Uganda government charges a 35% tax on the gambling institutions in the country. This is, however, a steep rate that is being considered for revision. The government plans to add a profit-sharing approach whereby players at the casinos will need to pay 15% on the winnings while the gambling domains will be charged 20%.

    Use of VPN to access a bookmaker website

    Since Uganda makes it legal for domains to offer bookmaker and casino services in the country, residents here can enjoy legal gambling on local and international betting sites without using VPN to access such betting sites anonymously. However, if a traveler from another country wishes to gamble on a local domain, they need to provide local address and citizenship proof. Hence, for them, it would be convenient to access betting sites using a VPN.

    Variety of betting events

    When it comes to sports, Uganda puts football foremost as the one they like and consider it a national sport; it is the most popular sport as well as widely watched. Besides soccer, rugby and cricket also attract spectators. Hence, the licensed betting sites in Uganda see a lot of traffic for such sports events, whether they are national or international. Boxing also sees good contenders from this country for which betting is famous for this segment as well.

    Major sports segments that attract betting on the betting sites in Uganda are the following:

    • Rugby This is also a popular sport in the country. There are several regional, national level, and international games that the country teams participate in.
    • Basketball The national team in this sport is called The Silverbacks. They made their debut in the Africa Championships in 2015, after which there has been no looking back.
    • Cricket This is also a popular sport in the country. Ugandans also take a lot of interest in the South Africa team games in this category.
    • Sailing Another local activity sees Ugandans participating in tournaments and events with their neighbors Tanzania and Kenya.

    Moreover, international sports betting platforms such as betway, bet365, 1xbet, and others offer a wide array of global sports and games. These include Volleyball, MMA, UFC, Formula 1, Boxing, Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Snooker, Darts, Handball, Athletics, and others. Besides these, one can bet on Weather, Politics, TV Shows and eSports.

    To encourage Ugandans to place bets, most of these sites have attractive offers. For instance, as and when a particular sporting event starts, some promos provide free bets, cash-back offers, and so forth. These also include enhanced ways to make the most of bets on different games. Since the portals offer information about tournaments, sports, related news, and bet strategies, Ugandans can learn more about a particular game and bet on it.

    Football leagues

    Football, or soccer, is definitely the main game in the country. The national team is nicknamed The Cranes; it has won the East and Central Africa Association Cup three times. Hence, these tournaments are bound to see Ugandans logging in to bet on their favorite team and players. Besides these, there is a general interest in the international football leagues such as the European Championship, Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, Premier League of England, La Liga.


    Esport online betting is a relatively new branch of good old betting. Bettors from Uganda can bet on eSports, or virtual sports and games. For instance, eGaming tournaments such as Starcraft, LOL, Dota 2, CS GO, and others draw in large crowds and profits on these betting sites. This area is expected to grow and it’s no wonder.

    Registration and verification process

    Every licensed domain, as mentioned above, requires gamblers in Uganda to register for a member account. This usually entails the following:

    • Provision of a valid email address.
    • Address proof.
    • Income details.
    • Age proof.

    The above documents for validation are usually required to complete the registration process. Since all legitimate gambling domains in Uganda need to follow licensing norms, they must ensure the authenticity of customers and their payment options before allowing them to gamble on their platform.

    Besides licensing requirements, a validated account allows members to make quick deposits and withdrawals as per the terms defined. They can also keep deposits in their account, check for loyalty points and special bonuses (deposit bonus, for instance) that sites often credit to member accounts.

    For the owners of betting sites, validation of the user accounts ensures that the users are not underage, providing legal and authentic proof of their residence. Also, this helps domain owners prevent frauds such as multiple accounts opened by the same users.

    Legitimate international betting sites have a said timeline within which they complete verification as per submitted documents. The timeline and rules set for verification are clearly mentioned on the terms and conditions of these betting sites. Hence, clients can use their accounts only after the website owners have completed verification of the same. Usually, it takes 3 to 4 days or even less for an account to be validated and activated.

    Bonuses for newbies and regular players

    Welcome Bonuses

    Suppose you are a new member at any of the popular online betting sites. In that case, you will come across several welcome bonus offers, deposit bonus and free bets that help you increase your initial deposit and wagering money in the account. For instance:

    • Betway has been making waves by providing Ugandans access to an easy, user-friendly interface for placing sports bets. Those who register at this portal for the first time can avail of 50% match-up bonus money. This can be a maximum of up to USH 200,000 in free bets.
    • Bet365 has a welcome bonus for new members as well. This includes matching deposit money up to $30 in the form of bet credits.
    • 1xbet is a site that offers up to a 200% bonus on the first deposit.

    The above are some deposit bonus examples that showcase how lucrative it is for new members to sign up at these bookmaker domains. In most cases, the matching bonus money is a certain percentage of the initial deposit you make. Also, it often comes in the form of bet credits. In most cases, there would be rollover requirements as well. For instance, bets need to be placed a certain number of times and at certain odds. You should look up specific terms of a site when it comes to bonuses.

    Offers for Existing Members

    While welcome offers are most advertised, there are bonuses and promos for existing members as well. For instance:

    • Reload Bonus This is identical to welcome bonuses, available for existing customers. Even after an existing customer has availed of a welcome offer, they can make use of a reload bonus. Here they are given a smaller percentage of their deposit as bonus money. It is primarily discretionary; that is, it is up to customers to avail of them. Usually, a code is associated with such a bonus as well as rollover terms.
    • Cash-Back Offers These are given to make up for losses that gamblers incur. At the end of the week, it is usually given to help gamblers get back some of the money they lost in wagering.
    • Refer a Friend Bonus Once you are an existing customer, you could earn money through references. The amount of money you get or reward differs from one domain to another.
    • Loyalty Program In such programs, you earn loyalty points by wagering on different sports or games. At each tier of a loyalty program, there are more bonuses to avail of, cash-back offers, expedited withdrawal options, and other perks. These could also include exclusive access to certain sports events or games, holidays, and other VIP benefits.

    Live betting

    Live betting is available on many sports betting sites, primarily as per licensing norms in certain countries. If you wonder how it happens, live wagering is done as games take place live or in real-time. The sites which conduct live betting on certain games or events will change odds as per the situation of the games.

    Similarly, live wagering is available at many of the legitimate betting sites in Uganda. Live streaming is also an attractive offer. Bet365 is a leading bookmaker here, which offers live streaming of different games along with live betting. Players from this country can enjoy in-game betting through this site and domains like Sports Betting Africa or 256bet. Others are also known to offer live bets through the range of games, and options might differ. Many of these sites also allow live betting through their mobile apps.

    Platform usability

    Among the many reasons that set aside the bookmaker mentioned above services in Uganda are their usability features. The following are the standard features of user-friendly bookmaker sites possess:

    • Responsive Design The intuitive interfaces lead visitors to the correct sections as per their interests. Also, users can engage with the content more and find what they are looking for more easily.
    • Payment Options This is the second important criterion that determines the popularity of certain sports betting sites. Secure, common, and popular payment gateway options ensure that Uganda users will find it convenient to make deposits with a method of their choice. Again, how fast payments are processed plays a significant role in the popularity of such domains. Most of the sites mentioned in this review have fast turnover timelines for processing withdrawals. Also, most of them do not include processing fees.
    • Betting Technology How easy and intuitive the bet placing process is another determinant of user-friendliness. For instance, new visitors to a site should be able to understand how different bets are placed. They should also maneuver through content such as fixtures, results, game tables, and live scores. Again, odds comparisons should be showcased clearly. With intuitive navigation layout and online betting technology, newcomers find it easy to learn about different bets, their terms, strategies, and how to choose the best odds.
    • Cross-Platform Compatibility This is another aspect that makes one sports betting website more preferable over another. For that reason, all sports betting sites in Uganda offer cross-platform compatibility. For instance, when you create an account on 1xbet, you would want to place bets on the go. This is possible either by logging into your account via your mobile browser or the app. For such reasons, many of the betting sites have apps or mobile-friendly technology. Hence, you can stay in touch and know the status of your bets, wins, and bonuses that get credited to your account through mobile versions of these domains. They also ensure secure payment processing technology for mobile users.

    Reliability of brands

    Several factors set reliable brands from unreliable ones:

    • Analytics of Sports Events There are usually on-field and off-field analytics that you can look up when betting on a particular sports event. On-field analytics is generally about how improved a team's performances or those of key players are. Many sites offer detailed information on player fitness and game tactics. Off-field analytics are usually about the business aspects of sports. Reputed betting sites in Uganda usually publish related news and strategy articles about upcoming games and tournaments for the benefit of the gamblers.
    • Tracking of Betting Arbitrage Betting sites in Uganda provide gamblers to make the most of arbitrage betting. You could manually search a bookmaker website for such tips. Alternatively, you could use free calculators, which help determine whether arbitrage opportunities exist. Often betting sites provide links to arbitrage hunting software to help bettors make the most of such online betting opportunities. Some could even offer arbitrage betting advice at a fee. The basic principle is to place bets in series as per all possible outcomes for an event. It usually includes a combination of stakes and odds that guarantee a profit no matter the actual outcome. Arbitrage betting, done with the right strategies, helps guarantee returns on bets.
    • Limiting or Closing of Accounts Reliable betting sites in Uganda have comprehensive methods in place to ensure that a customer’s account is authentic. Also, they monitor the wagering activities of members. For instance, bookmakers often limit accounts that win a lot. In some cases, if a customer is suspected of making too many wins, which goes against the profitability of the domains, they can limit the account activities of such members. This helps protect the business since many people often use spam or other software tools to get an unfair advantage. It could also be groups of accounts when they are found to exploit offers or odds for matched bets. Many people often find ways to wager in ways that guarantee profit. However, such people are often limited since gambling companies need to operate profitably and fairly. If some people make too many wins, then average punters lose out more in the long run.
    • The Authenticity of Accounts This is another factor that reliable gambling brands stress. They want to ensure that people do not open accounts with fraudulent identification. This often leads to a single person having more than one account. Hence, as long as one provides genuine IDs and adheres to the terms and conditions, they will find all options open for them at the legitimate bookmaker sites.

    Responsible gaming practices

    Reputed bookmaker domains provide useful tools and helpful links to institutions that can ensure that people gamble responsibly. Valuable tools which help people control their gambling habits are found at most sites. Such as:

    • Tracking Activity Member accounts have activity tracking features. This includes how often wagers are placed when wagering is done, and so forth.
    • Deposit Limits Many sites provide deposit limit options. This allows customers to restrict how many times they can gamble in a day or week.
    • Managing Time Useful control features in member accounts also include reality checks such as setting up notifications to control the time they spend gambling.
    • Time Out One can set time limits as per the amount wagered or frequency of gambling.
    • Self-Exclusion This is similar to time-out options; the betting sites refrain from sending mailers or promos to the member inbox when this choice is opted for. Members can choose a timeline of how long they wish to refrain from gambling. It could be weeks, months, or more.
    • Helpful Tips Many betting sites in Uganda have helpful tips or questions that can help members assess themselves as to whether they have a problem in gambling. Questions include whether one feels guilty about gambling or whether one wishes to spend more money simply to enjoy the thrill. Also, if one is facing financial problems in their household or whether such a habit affects one’s relationships negatively.
    • Time-Out Options To help people take a break from gambling, many gambling domains offer time out in different ways:
      1. One could opt to take a break for 24 or 48 hours, seven days, 30 days, or a custom period.
      2. A custom period could be setting limits to gamble only on weekends.
      When time-out limits are set, members will not access their accounts to bet on games. However, they can log in and withdraw their wins. Until the set period ends, one cannot reactivate their account. Self-exclusion is another form of time-out which helps people take a break for a longer time. They can set time limits for the brakes to be six months, a year, or more or indefinitely. There are helpful links in account settings that members can access to put such limits. During the period of self-exclusion, one cannot place bets or make deposits. However, they can log in and make withdrawals. Also, they cannot re-open their accounts. Some betting sites also have the option to set limits to specific sections of their sites.
    • Organizations That Can Help Most licensed domains in Uganda have helpful links to non-profit organizations that can help their customers to address problematic gambling behavior. For instance, Gambling Therapy.org is a website that offers online help and support. Their app is free for download on Android and iOS devices. Besides this, Gamblers Anonymous has confidential counseling sessions which include telephone support or live chat options. Hence, all licensed sports betting sites ensure all kinds of help to customers, from helpful self-awareness questionnaires and tie-ups with NGOs to account control settings. The aim is to ensure that members responsibly indulge in gambling, staying within their monetary budget constraints and ensuring that they do not spend undue time gambling instead of pursuing other profitable professions.


    ⓵ What is the most reliable bookmaker in Uganda?

    Though there are many native sports betting sites in Uganda, Betway is an internationally reputed website best known for its reliable reputation. It has a legal presence in this country since it acquired the license to operate in the South African market a few years back. This gambling provider started operations in 2006. It has headquarters in Guernsey and Malta. It is a fully licensed site that has an extensive range of sports betting offers. Hence for reliable betting in sports, this is one of the betting sites to sign up at.

    ⓶ Which bookmaker has the best odds?

    Bet365.ug is the top bookmaker in this country because of the football bet odds they provide. The odds are high, and about 100 or more betting markets are available on this website. There are fixtures on top European leagues to be found here. Players can also avail themselves of bets on the site through the mobile app. Also, there is a generous welcome bonus that helps gamblers get started with enough money to wager.

    ⓷ How many bookmakers are there in Uganda (legal/ in total)?

    There are about 19 legal bookmakers in the country.

    ⓸ Where can I watch live streams of matches?

    Sites such as 1xbet are most preferred when it comes to watching live streaming content on bookmaker sites. Others that offer similar facilities include betway, 22bet, bet365, and others.

    ⓹ What do players bet on in Uganda?

    Uganda has football or soccer as the most popular game. Hence, you will find gamblers logging into the sports betting sites to bet on football events and tournaments mostly.

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